Clearing Students 2016: Find Your University Accommodation with Us

A-Level results 2016

So, here we are. You’ve got your A-Level results.

It’s a stressful time for everyone, but particularly so if you didn’t quite get the grades you needed to secure your place on your chosen course, because this will likely mean that you have to change your plans and find another course via the Clearing process.

But don’t panic – honestly. Of course you’re disappointed, but, as the saying goes, it’s not the end of the world. It really isn’t. Organisations like UCAS are there to support you, and remember that universities are always keen to fill any places they have left over.

Of course, wherever you end up, you will need somewhere to live! This is where we come in. We’ve got stylish, comfy and conveniently-located student accommodation in some of the UK’s most exciting cities – some of which have a few spaces left:

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Henri Boci – Work Experience at The Student Housing Company

This week I was with the marketing team at The Student Housing Company HQ doing work experience before I head back to school in September.

Before my week with The Student Housing Company I would have never even have thought about living in private halls, but just 5 days at head office and visiting the sites has completely changed my mind. I’m now definitely considering private halls once I do get to university. This week of work experience has not only taught me a great deal about the marketing world, but also that private halls are also most likely the future for students. They cover everything a student needs and wants throughout their 3 years at university, it’s so easy. Read the rest of this article

How to Quickly Settle into Uni Life

Friends settling into university life

The summer is finally here! Among your time spent basking in the sun, celebrating your college results with friends, and generally chilling, you might want to start thinking about heading off to university.

You’ll want to get as much out of your time at uni as possible, so making an effort to settle into the lifestyle straight away is something we’d definitely advise. We’ve rounded up some easy ways of adapting to the change in study routine, making a ton of new friends and celebrating your independence (hooray!).

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