How to Quickly Settle into Uni Life

Friends settling into university life

The summer is finally here! Among your time spent basking in the sun, celebrating your college results with friends, and generally chilling, you might want to start thinking about heading off to university.

You’ll want to get as much out of your time at uni as possible, so making an effort to settle into the lifestyle straight away is something we’d definitely advise. We’ve rounded up some easy ways of adapting to the change in study routine, making a ton of new friends and celebrating your independence (hooray!).

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New Crescent Place Photography

If you just can’t wait until you move in to see the latest on Crescent Place, then check out these beauties, hot off the press!

Located slap-bang in the middle of the city, Crescent Place will be the best student accommodation option to make the most of your student experience, check out the finished results.

Southampton Crescent Place PhotographyIf you’d like to come and look in person at the different room options, we’ll put the kettle on! Arrange a viewing for a day and time that suits you.

Social Spaces at Austen House

If you’ve booked with us at Austen House in Southampton already, or need yet another reason to book, read on! Announcing 9, YES 9, new social spaces for you to relax, study and chill with friends.

If you’re a gaming guy/ girl, then you’ll be delighted to hear Austen will have a Gaming Room for battling your friends on those long evenings, when you know you should be working but just can’t tear yourself away from GTA or FIFA! Whatever takes your fancy with 8 screens you can even have a gaming party, or you know, pretend you’re in The Big Bang Theory.

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