Student Health Guide


Getting ill is a right pain, especially when there’s so much going on at uni. Whilst your housemates are out partying, you’re stuck in bed with only a hot drink and a whole lot of rubbish films for company; and you have to catch up on missed lectures from your mate’s feeble notes.

Staying healthy isn’t the most exciting part of living away from home, but looking after yourself will make sure you’re always ready for action to enjoy the good bits. Our student health guide will give you tips on how to stay well, and what to do if you aren’t feeling your best.

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Flatmates: A Survival Guide


You’ve started uni – freedom! No more nagging parents, battles with your brother over the PS4, or your annoying little sister eating all the biscuits. But little do you know about the brand new, even crazier family you’re about to move in with.

Getting used to living with your flatmates can be a challenge, especially if you’re in your first year and haven’t met the people you’re sharing with before. With a bit of compromise and understanding though, you’ll have the time of life.

Our guide will walk you through the different types of flatmate you’re likely to meet, and explain how best to get on with them. Remember, you’ll be one of these types too – can you work out which?

The Messy One

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London’s Hidden Gems

Little Venice is an idyllic canal in the centre of London.

If you’ve just moved to London, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the sights. Big Ben, The Tower of London and the like are great for tourists, but seeing as this is your home for the next couple of years, why not explore off the beaten track a bit?

These seven beauties are well worth taking that extra tube stop or navigating a few side streets for.

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