What Are the Most Popular Undergrad Degrees in the UK?

Despite some of the more weird and wonderful course options available to students these days, the usual suspects are still top of the leaderboard. Thanks to earning-potential and the range of career options provided by each, it’s unlikely that these degrees will be going out fashion anytime soon. If you haven’t made a final decision about which course to apply for, this article will give you a good overview of what everyone else is choosing – we’ll bet that you know at least one person studying one of these subjects.


Why it’s popular: Medicine has always been a popular choice when it comes to undergraduate degrees. Whether it’s a personal calling or a calculated choice based on the graduate salary, the course always has a spot near the top of degree rankings. Despite the length of time it takes to gain the degree, it remains a sought-after choice, with the option to specialise later down the line.

Where to study: Cambridge, Oxford, Queen Mary

Tips for applying: Medicine is a highly competitive field, and you’ll need excellent grades in the sciences and maths as a bare minimum.

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An A-Z of the Ridiculously British New 10p Coins

british 10p

Yesterday, the most British thing in the history of The Royal Mint occurred as 26 new patriotic 10p coins were released. And we have to say, we are embracing the change with open pockets.

Now you can pay for your goods using a coin decorated with sausage and egg, or James Bond’s shiny silver face if the mood takes your fancy. Welcome to Britain 2018, people.

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6 Ways to Quickly Cut Your Spending

Student Budgeting

You’re probably discovering that the student lifestyle isn’t easy on your bank account. Yes, you get a big lump sum every few months, but that has to pay for your accommodation, your food, and (of course) those all-important nights out. Most students have to pick up some part-time work on the side to keep up with all of the socialising – but that’s what uni life is all about, right?

Fortunately, there are a few simple changes that you can make to ensure that your hard-earned cash is being spent on the things that you love rather than solely on the things that you need.

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