My student job with The Student Housing Company

John LawHi, I’m John Law and I have just finished my second year of Medical Sciences at The University of Edinburgh. I have always had a passion for medicine, and although I’m not sure if this is exactly the path I want to take, I know it’s a good start in any direction.

I grew up in a small town in South West Scotland called Stranraer. My family is originally from Edinburgh so it felt very natural to come here. My first visit to Edinburgh wasn’t until two weeks before I moved into Brae House, so it was all very exciting when I arrived.

Edinburgh has been amazing! Definitely the best city in Scotland in my opinion. I really like the history and the architecture; the city has real character and I love living here.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve stayed at all three of The Student Housing Company’s residences in Edinburgh. I would say they are all uniquely different and have their own personalities. I especially enjoyed my time at Brae House as it was my first experience of The Student Housing Company and student accommodation in general.

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Life at The Student Housing Company

It’s been a busy old week here at The Student Housing Company! With Chinese New Year, Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day events happening across our residences, we’ve had a great time!

So what’s been going on where?! London kicked us off with a good old fashioned common room party at Depot Point in honour of Chinese New Year! As it was the year of the fire monkey we had a monkey pinyata, pin the tail on the monkey, and make your own decorations along with loads of food, drink and fortune cookies!  Valentines Day was just as busy with cupcakes, jelly beans, cards and love hearts for all of our residents!

Depot Blog  (Resized)

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Blackbird Family Follow Advice to Book in Early!

A blackbird family have followed The Student Housing Company’s advice to book in early to avoid disappointment! The birds have settled on the building site where Arran House, one of 2 new residences in Edinburgh is currently being built. Check out the latest pictures of our fluffy friends!

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