• Birmingham

    Famous for its exuberant nightlife, vast shopping centres, cultural hotspots and historic landmarks. Birmingham is England's second-largest city, which suggests it's got everything that a student needs to have a good time!

    1 Residence


  • Bournemouth

    With 7 miles of beach, a pier and buzzing nightlife - what's not to love about this picturesque seaside town? Bournemouth also has a warmer than average UK climate - so you can really get your tan on during the summer months!

    2 Residences


  • Bristol

    The city is brimming with vibrant cultural hotspots, a buzzing social scene and an overall chilled atmosphere. Renowned for its music and art scenes, and its many festivals, you can expect to have a jam-packed diary all year around.

    2 Residences


  • Cambridge

    This small historic town has plenty to offer including punting down the beautiful river Cam and visiting the many museums of Cambridge. But if the party scene is more your thing, there are also plenty of bars and clubs to cater towards your tastes.

    1 Residence


  • Cardiff

    It's easy to see why Cardiff is the capital of Wales with it's beautiful historic castle and revitalized waterfront. There's always something for students to enjoy, including visiting the quirky comic shops, art centre and weekly farmers markets.

    1 Residence


  • Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is home to the much-loved and enjoyed Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It also has many student hotspots including Princes street where you can find all the trendy student shops and classy bars.

    3 Residences


  • Exeter

    Exeter is a city of history, architecture, and culture, with an abundance of shopping opportunities and foodie hotspots thrown in for good measure. What's not to love about this student city?

    1 Residence


  • Lancaster

    Lancaster knows how to spoil you with numerous shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. The city also has many historical hotspots and posesses one of the longest canals in the UK, stretching 43 miles all the way through to Preston.

    1 Residence


  • Lincoln

    Lincoln offers an experience rich in history combined with independent boutique shopping. The city is packed with restaurants and student bars and is surrounded in beautiful countryside. It's obvious why students love Lincoln.

    1 Residence


  • Liverpool

    Liverpool has an abundance of things to offer students such as shopping, unique restaurants and entertainment - including live music. Liverpool also has a nightlife scene with many bars and clubs dotted over the city - you really are spoilt for choice!

    1 Residence


  • London

    It's easy to understand why students love London. The city is made accessible by the underground and has everything a student could possibly want from the Uk's best shopping, restaurants, parks and museums to some of the most unique bars and clubs.

    2 Residences


  • Newcastle

    Newcastle has lots to offer including its historic castle and bridges, restaurants, bars, clubs and extensive shopping - including 600 shops in the city. It's simple to understand why students love this city!

    1 Residence


  • Nottingham

    Nottingham is known for its role in the great Robin Hood legend and sandstone caves underneath the streets of the city. Nottingham also has a beautiful castle to explore along with many shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

    1 Residence


  • Plymouth

    What's not to love about Plymouth? The beautiful port city in Devon boasts an idyllic harbour, plenty of shopping areas, restaurants, bars and Barbican areas.

    1 Residence


  • Portsmouth

    If you love the sea - Portsmouth is a great choice! From eating and drinking out to shopping and exploring the historical dockyard - there's always something to keep students entertained in Portsmouth.

    1 Residence


  • Southampton

    Southampton is a bustling student city offering museums, music venues, art galleries, award winning parks and incredible shopping facilities. There are also plenty of student bars, clubs and a selection of eateries for you and your flatmates to try!

    2 Residences


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10 Reasons to Study in… Cambridge

Trying to decide which town or city to study in isn’t easy. With so many options, where do you even begin? To make life a little easier for you, we’ve put together 10 reasons why you should choose Cambridge.

1. It has a rich academic history

issac newton gif

Does the idea of walking in the footsteps of one of THE greatest scientists the world has ever known appeal to you? If so, a visit to the grounds of Trinity College Cambridge is a must. Sir Isaac Newton spent his entire academic life at the college, and carried out most of his experiments here. We can’t promise you’ll be as successful as him in your uni career, but you never know…

2. You’ll meet loads of friendly people

simpsons friends gif

Cambridge may be a city, but it feels as warm and welcoming as some of the UK’s smallest towns. Getting around is easy-peasy (especially if you have a bicycle), and residents are always quick to offer friendly advice if you’re new to the city and want to know the best places to visit.

3. Some of the world’s leading minds studied here

girl attitude gif

There’s a reason why Cambridge has a reputation for academic excellence. Some of the finest poets, authors, scientists and politicians the world has ever known have studied here.

Notable alumni of Trinity College include the poet Lord Byron, philosopher Francis Bacon, and author A. A. Milne. Want to explore Trinity College for yourself? Visitors are able to tour the grounds during public opening hours. Be aware that access is off-limits during exams and at certain times of the day.

4. You can pretend you’re the lead in a rom-com

yay girl gif

There’s no better way to take in the bridges, colleges and historic highlights of Cambridge than by river. A chauffeured punt tour along the River Cam is the perfect excuse to take it easy and see the sights – not to mention feel like the star of your very own rom-com. If you’re feeling adventurous (or have someone to impress), why not hire out a punt of your own for an hour or two. DON’T. FALL. IN.

5. Love to shop? You’ll love Cambridge

fur jacket macklemore gif

With its prime position in the centre of Cambridge, Grand Arcade definitely lives up to its name. This popular shopping destination is home to more than 60 luxury and high-street retailers, including John Lewis, Kurt Geiger, and Topshop.

If, like us, shopping makes you hungrier than Hades, you won’t have to search too long before you find something that takes your fancy. Grand Arcade makes eating out easy, with a range of casual cafes and restaurants to choose from. Our favourites include Krispy Kreme (for those days when only a doughnut-shaped sugar infusion will do) and Ed’s Diner (great for both light bites and cocktails).

6. It’s a haven for culture vultures

culture vulture gif

Cambridge is home to some of the country’s most weird and wonderful museums. From the iconic Fitzwilliam Museum (where you’ll find art and antiques dating back as far as 2500 BC), to the Centre for Computing History (where you will be actively encouraged to play as many computer games as you can – get in), this is one city that knows how to engage its visitors.

If you’re into science, you’ll love the Whipple Museum of the History of Science. A veritable treasure trove of scientific paraphernalia, the museum holds a comprehensive collection of scientific instruments, some of which date all the way back to the 16th Century. Mind blown.

7. You’ll never get sick of the stunning architecture

its too beautiful guy fake cry gif

It’s easy to see why Cambridge is known as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. With its unique blend of old and new architectural styles, it offers students the incredible opportunity to live, work and study alongside some of the finest examples of Tudor, Victorian and medieval buildings in the country.

For a taste of English Gothic architecture at its finest, pay a visit to King’s College Chapel. Built between 1446 and 1515, the chapel is so awe-inspiring and beautiful (especially inside), that it brings many visitors to tears. Make sure you’re well stocked up on Kleenex.

8. Have you SEEN Cambridge?

magnificent girl gif

One look at recent Cambridge posts on Instagram is all you’ll need to fall in love with the beauty of this incredible city. Every post looks like a movie still.

9. The nightlife is legendary

mr bean hurrah gif

If you think you’ll struggle for things to do in Cambridge when the sun goes down, think again. For the best cocktails you’ve ever had, visit Hidden Rooms – a bar and live music venue famed for its creativity and prestigious spirits. Want to avoid the tourists and enjoy a quality pint of real ale? You could do a lot worse than The Maypole, where you’ll find the winning student pub combo of great beer, great service and great prices.

10. There’s loads of fresh air

young julie andrews singing gif

Cambridge isn’t short of nature to explore. Our favourites green spaces include Cambridge University Botanical Gardens and Jesus Green – both perfect places to visit when you’re in need of hit of nature’s Valium: fresh air.

Study hard in Cambridge

Did you know that we’re opening a brand-spanking new student accommodation in Cambridge later this year? Well you do now! Want to learn more about what life is like in Cambridge? Have a read of our Student’s Guide to Cambridge.