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We really love what we do. Working with students means we get to work with vibrant and interesting people as they experience the time of their lives at University.

From sweet treats, to hand-written cards, we sent little reminders to all our residents this Valentines Day about how much we love having them stay with us.

If you haven’t stayed with us this year, where have you (bean)   beanall our lives? You are just our (type)    typewriter343and we could love you a (latte)  Latte

Sorry, not sorry.

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How to Cope with Homesickness at University


In our Mental Health and Wellbeing at University survey, we found that 73% of students suffer from homesickness at uni. Going to university is a life-changing event that can be pretty scary and see you waving goodbye to your comfort zone.

Homesickness is something that affects most students, even those who’ve never really been homebirds before. From building a support network of friends to keeping your mum on speed-dial, we’ve looked at the best ways to tackle homesickness, and found it’s all about balance:

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Beckley Point Show Flat

We’re so excited to reveal the latest sneak peek of all our hard work at Beckley Point in Plymouth! The tallest building in the south west is well on the way to completion now, we’re officially open for viewings and we’d love to meet you.

If you fancy rolling out of bed and straight into lectures then Beckley Point is the perfect new home for you. Literally, just across the road from Plymouth University Campus, Beckley Point offers modern individual studio rooms and shared flats designed especially for students. What does that actually mean though? It means smart storage, USB plug sockets, 100MB broadband & WiFi, all bills included, modern living… with a view!  Read the rest of this article