Announcing 7 New Common Rooms at Beckley Point in Plymouth!

If you’ve booked at our student accommodation in Plymouth, Beckley Point, you’re in for a treat! Announcing 7 (yes 7!) new common spaces for you to enjoy. If you haven’t booked yet, what are you waiting for!

Lee, your new general manager at Beckley Point, is so excited about these spaces, that he’s written you a poem. #moderndayshakespeare

I stand on the corner and watch over the city

At night I light up and look ever so pretty

I command your attention because I stretch to the sky

Living inside me would be mega fly



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7 Fun Ways to Revise

Studying with laptop

It’s that time of year again – it’s revision time! With the exam season upon us, we know you’re all dreading those long revision sessions and those monotonous days in the library. Revising doesn’t need to be boring though – there are plenty of ways to keep things interesting, and even fun (yes, fun!).

In the hope of making the spring less grim for you, we put together a list of seven fun ways to revise.

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