5 Skills That All Your Future Employers Will Be Looking For

You’re in the process of building up the knowledge needed to carry out your future job. While it’s essential to have a good understanding of the academic concepts behind your work (which you’ll be able to demonstrate with the shiny certificate that gets handed to you at the end of your degree), there are numerous practical skills that all employers are always on the lookout for.

These skills aren’t necessarily things that you’ll pick up in uni (although some of them are), so it’s a good idea to find extracurricular ways of demonstrating your ability.

  1. Teamwork

Unless you’re going straight into a freelance position, it’s highly unlikely that you’re not going to come into contact with the other employees in your future job. Whether you choose to join a small company or a large one, you’ll be working with staff in various departments on various tasks, and you need to demonstrate to your employer that you’ve got what it takes to work with others.

There are a few ways that you can demonstrate your teamwork mindset to your potential employer. Place emphasis on any group projects that you’ve undergone throughout your degree, and highlight points in the process where you listened to the advice of others or took control of the group, because your employer will want to know how well you actually work with other people.

If you haven’t carried out any group projects in uni, you can draw attention to extracurricular activities that highlight your ability to work in a team. This can be anything from team sports to playing in a band – anything that outlines your ability to work alongside others.

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