Results Day: Before, During & After the Most Important Day This Year


As any A-Level student knows, these qualifications are the gateway to your place in higher education. And on 16th August, students up and down the country will be heading to their colleges to find out if they’ve done enough to secure their places in their chosen universities. Regardless of how positive or negative you feel about your results, it’s a stressful thing to do, and there will be a lot to take in.

Knowing what to expect from the day will help you prepare yourself for it, and learning how to prepare yourself for a big day is a key skill that all university students need to master, so learning how it’s done nice and early will give you an advantage, not only on the day, but throughout the course of your degree.

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10 Reasons to Study in Plymouth


Plymouth is the small but perfectly formed city with a large amount to offer students. Want to feel safe? Plymouth was recently voted the second-safest place to live in Britain. Want to get a good education? The University of Plymouth is ranked amongst the top 2% in the world. Want to make your student finance payments stretch further? Plymouth’s street food market can offer superb sustenance on a shoe-string. And if that’s not enough to convince you, then here’s some more great reasons to study in Plymouth.

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Student Summertime: Amazing Plans to Make the Most of It


What’s that sound? It’s the sudden quiet that tells you the last lecture has taken place, the farewell parties have died down, and a hundred cars have departed, laden with excited students, half their possessions, and all of their hangovers. Everyone is headed for the open road, or even just the road they grew up on, to sleep, eat, and regenerate with some good home cooking.

But once the initial high from surviving exam season has died down, sleep has been had, and you’ve re-watched Breaking Bad from start to finish, you’re left with a lot of days. So beyond topping up your funds with a summer job, you need a plan. Ideally one that involves finding adventure, travel, and hazy memories with the uni friends you’ve bonded with over the past year.

Get Festive

The hippies came and went in the 60s, and probably for good reason. Their lifestyle of being hairy, eating badly, and gathering in rainy fields usually ended in trenchfoot. But it’s fun to do in small bursts, in warm weather, with the right people. Which is why festivals are awesome.

It’s a traditional rite of passage these days, from a notoriously rainy Glasto to a sunburnt and Estrella-fuelled adventure in Benicassim. And don’t forget the hundreds of smaller festivals all over the UK. Find a good pair of wellies, gather up your tribe, and invest in a disposable tent (unless you go all out and glamp it up in a wigwam) – and you’re all set to go.

And if your budget is looking like a commune food cupboard, consider signing up as a festival volunteer or worker. Someone has to pour pints into plastic cups, steward cars, and oversee the portaloos – it may as well be you, and you’ll still find plenty of opportunity to see the bands around your tasks.

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