An A-Z of the Ridiculously British New 10p Coins

british 10p

Yesterday, the most British thing in the history of The Royal Mint occurred as 26 new patriotic 10p coins were released. And we have to say, we are embracing the change with open pockets.

Now you can pay for your goods using a coin decorated with sausage and egg, or James Bond’s shiny silver face if the mood takes your fancy. Welcome to Britain 2018, people.

King Arthur and James Bond earn a spot as the new faces of the 10p (it’s not the £1 coin but it’s a start, lads), but our firm favourites are the teapot, the humble ice cream cone and the Loch Ness monster.

The coins are said to enter proper circulation from Monday 5th March, so keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise, you can order your own shiny new set from the Royal Mint Website (£2 per coin!). You may have to wait a while though as the website has been inundated with excited coin-enthusiasts from across the nation.

You can also download the newly-launched free Royal Mint app available on smartphones if you can’t wait to join in the hunt.

An A-Z of the new designs…

  • A – Angel of the North
  • B – James Bond
  • C – Cricket
  • D – Double Decker Bus
  • E – English Breakfast
  • F – Fish & Chips
  • G – Greenwich Mean Time
  • H – Houses of Parliament
  • I – Ice-Cream Cone
  • J – Jubilee
  • K – King Arthur
  • L – Loch Ness Monster
  • M – Mackintosh
  • N – National Health Service
  • O – Oak Tree
  • P – Post Box
  • Q – Queuing
  • R – Robin
  • S – Stonehenge
  • T – Teapot
  • U – Union Flag
  • V – Village
  • W – World Wide Web
  • X – X Marks the Spot (ok, we think someone ran out of ideas for this one)
  • Y – Yeoman
  • Z – Zebra Crossing
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