Announcing 7 New Common Rooms at Beckley Point in Plymouth!

If you’ve booked at our student accommodation in Plymouth, Beckley Point, you’re in for a treat! Announcing 7 (yes 7!) new common spaces for you to enjoy. If you haven’t booked yet, what are you waiting for!

Lee, your new general manager at Beckley Point, is so excited about these spaces, that he’s written you a poem. #moderndayshakespeare

I stand on the corner and watch over the city

At night I light up and look ever so pretty

I command your attention because I stretch to the sky

Living inside me would be mega fly



Visit my showflat and you’ll want to return

I have lots of spaces for you live, laugh and learn

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_12You can show me your skills if you think you’re a gamer

But if that’s not your bag and you’re feeling much tamer

Relax in my cinema and take in a movie,

invite all your mates who will think that it’s groovy

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_8When the time comes and you need to work hard and study

You stick with me and you’ll do alright, buddy

I have a room where you can fill up your brain

with information required so results you can gain

It’s a tranquil location, always calm never loud

Revise in my presence, ace exams and feel proud

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_1Now if cooking’s your thing I have just the venue

A fancy pants kitchen where you can lay down your menu

Book it out with your friends and have them smiling with glee

As you stage your own version of Come Dine With Me

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_10Fancy some views that are quite simply amazing

Head up to my Sky Lounge for a vista worth praising

You can see out to sea and you can out to the moors

Visit my summit, up 22 floors

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_14And when the day is all over and you need to lay down your head

Retire to your bedroom and relax in your bed

As you drift off to sleep you can be certain and sure

That I never sleep, keeping you safe and secure

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_91Slept through your alarm and you’ve woken up late?

Fear not, don’t you panic, I’m telling you straight

For I am just a stone’s throw from Plymouth uni

Check it out for yourself if you think I’m a looney

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_5I’ll get you to lectures on time, albeit half dressed

Saving your bacon is what I do best

No time for breakfast and you can’t think without tea?

Swing past reception and grab one for free

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_13Whatever you’re studying, from history to fashion

Keeping you happy is my number one passion

So if I sound appealing and you want to live in this joint

You won’t find much better than me, Beckley Point!

Plymouth_Student_Accommodation_Beckley_Point_Common_Room_2You can arrange a viewing or book a room at Beckley Point today! We’d love to show you round so why not pop in for a cuppa!

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