Burgh Varsity 2016

Get behind your uni! It’s that time of year again when Edinburgh Uni and Heriot Watt go head to head in an exciting competition that sees both teams stretched to their sporting limits. So save the date: on March 23rd Varsity is hitting the town!

The Student Housing Company are the proud sponsor, so if you’re heading up your uni’s rugby squad, playing midfield in the footy team, or just excited to shout and support your favourite players in the crowds, make sure you’re ready to give your uni your full support!

Burgh Varsity

What’s Happening This Year?

Are you a netball fan or is hockey more up your street? Either way you’ll be pleased, because this spectacular event will host more than 20 sports, engaging over 400 students and 60 teams across both universities. So whether you’re a basketball addict or a rugby supporter, it’s guaranteed to keep you transfixed!

Think your team has the best players? Reckon your uni will win the much coveted quaich? Or do you just love to get behind your favourite athletes? Either way, you can support your favourite teams and keep up to date with all of the action this year by using the hashtag #Thiscityisours before and during the games.

Get Behind Your Team…

Both universities have had a lot of sporting achievements to boast about lately, so it’s difficult to say who will get their hands on the ultimate trophy!

The Edinburgh University Sports Union is about to celebrate an impressive 150 years in business this year, and currently runs an impressive 64 sports clubs – specialising in everything from boxing to ultimate frisbee.

Heriot Watt University has a lot to flaunt too, and will this year become the host for the impressive Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre. With this incredible feature to add to its long list of athletic achievements, Heriot Watt will undoubtedly attract some of the best sports students in the country, who will surely be ready to play for their uni at the varsity this year.

So get excited, keep your diary free and practise your chants for one of the most gripping sport events this year, where two city rivals will clash for the coveted quaich and, of course, the all important bragging rights…

If you want to get involved on the day then the social world is your oyster! #ThisCityIsOurs & #BurghVarsity2016 are the official match day hashtags, then mention or tag @comelivewithus in your photos and posts for mentions and re-tweets! We’ll be reposting any training or match day Insta’s so keep them coming mentioning #thestudenthousingcompany! We’ll also be giving away some epic freebies so make sure you come and see us, we’ll be the ones in yellow!

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