How to buy your pals amazing Christmas presents the lazy way

Buying presents is hard. Besides, you’ve got a lot to write, learn and study, so where do you find the time? Luckily, there’s a lazy way. And when we say lazy, we don’t mean sacrificing getting a meaningful gift – we mean saving like a semester’s load of time while still getting the right gift for the job. How do you do that? Let’s explain.

Buying presents can be easy:

You can do it in just three steps.

1) Figure out what they want

This usually feels like the trickiest part. But there are a whole bunch of ways you can tackle this task. If you know the person well it’ll be fairly easy. Yet suppose you’ve got a Secret Santa, or your pal is just generally difficult to buy for?

You’re doing well if your pal has an Amazon wishlist, or student gift ideas on Pinterest, or something similar. This means you can buy them something they definitely want.

But it’s still possible without that. One way is to talk to a shared contact. Maybe send a Facebook message, explaining the budget and the situation, and they’ll likely give you some great pointers.

2) Find the cheapest online seller

Once you know the gift, next find the most economical way of getting it. Google Shopping is a handy way of comparing the prices real quick. And rather than spending hours comparing on the high street, you can save lots of time and money if you browse online for just a couple minutes.

3) Wrap it up nice

Once you’ve found the cheapest place to buy the gift, it’s time to take the gift and wrap it up. Many websites offer a professional gift wrapping service. This often only costs a few pounds. And it saves you the hassle of wrapping the gift and the embarrassment of handing over a box that looks like it was wrapped by feet.

What’s more, a professional etiquette consultant (who knew?) Melissa Leonard says that “Professional wrapping looks impeccable and will make a great impression”.  It’s a minimal effort way to make your gift no matter what it is, a little bit more special.

All you have to do next is give the gift. It’s the best part!

Presenting: lazy, impressive presents

So let’s go through the above three steps. You’ve figure them out, you buy the gift, and you make it look amazing. If you’re speedy, you can probably get all of the major steps done in less than two hours, and from the comfort of your student accommodation.

From your base you can easily figure out exactly what to get for Christmas for any pal. You just need the internet, which comes with extra no cost in all of our accommodation. Even at The Castings in Huddersfield and the cool modern Depot Point in London.

If you have any questions about for us about our private student accommodation, please get in touch at any time.


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