6 Part-Time Jobs That You’ll Actually Enjoy


There’s no denying that the student lifestyle is great, but it isn’t necessarily easy on the wallet. Between all the socialising and the weekly shops, you’re probably going to end up spending quite a bit, and your student loan will only take you so far.

For this reason, most students go out and find a part-time job to get a little extra cash to fund their time at uni. This might seem like a daunting prospect, but there are plenty of jobs out there that you’ll actually enjoy doing, so we’ve decided to outline a few of our favourites.

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How Can You Support Someone With Depression?


It’s is a difficult thing to overcome, and if somebody that you know is suffering with depression, it’s essential that they are supported through it. Not only should they be supported by their friends and family, but they should also find support in the right places. There are resources out there to help people through this difficult time, and knowing how to help can make a difference.

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We Asked You About Your Favourite Student Spots: Here’s What You Said


If you’re a student in Liverpool, Plymouth, Southampton, or Cardiff, we asked you to tell us about your favourite bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes. Almost 400 of you got in touch to let us know what you thought of your local student spots, and we listened to what you said: awarding the top locations with our Seal of Approval.

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