The freshers’ week bucketlist

Freshers’ week is one of the most exciting times of university. Not only do you have the chance to meet a whole bunch of people, people like you’ve never met before, you also get the chance to explore a whole new place and begin the marvellous adventure of student life.

There’s a lot of myth and lore going around about student life – we heard an urban legend that once somebody who lived in Magenta House once went out for a night out in first week of freshers’ and didn’t return. When he did turn up he was covered in hair from his head to his toes – he hadn’t been having a bad time. He’d just met so many people that he hadn’t the chance to go home and shave!

So that’s a made up story, but like, your own student adventure might not be so far removed from this particular example. You know how it is with those slippery urban legends. What matters though is that you have a degree of fun with your freshers’ week and we’re gunna show you how to do that with this, your very own freshers’ week bucketlist.

Whether your student accommodation is in Huddersfield, Edinburgh, or London, students across the nation will find that this universal list gives them the right information to have a great time at the very start of uni.


10) Enjoy your newfound freedom

Live like you’ve never lived before- without a bedtime (but do get some sleep).

9) Attempt to make a budget

And maybe fail the first time but persistence is everything.

8) Collect all the flyers at the freshers’ fair

Because who’s got time to decide what to do right now. Let’s keep them doors wide open.

7) Go to a student night

You have plenty of house mates in your student accommodation to explore the area with.

6) Make ten new mates

Outside of your accommodation. Also make it your duty to figure out what makes them tick.

5) Chill out at someone else’s place

Maybe watching a film with one of your new buddies.

4) Get a takeaway

Because pizza helps make new friends and has been proven* to make hanging out even more awesome. (*So say longtime pizza fans)

3) Sort out your life

Do the dishes and the laundry. Don’t be a Scumbag Steve and leave dirty dishes about.

2) Miss your folks a little bit

Maybe feel a little bit sad that doing laundry is dull and hangovers hurt.

1) Plan for the next weekend

And be ready to do it all again sometime soon.

Have fun

Hopefully you tick off all the items on the bucketlist during your freshers’ week, though it’s not a biggie if you don’t. Whatever you get round to doing, the important thing is to have a good time. There are millions of things to do!

If you do finish the bucketlist, or if you have a story to tell us, or you’d like to know anything about our student accommodation, drop us a line at any time.

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