Green is the New Black

When we were awarded ‘Best Halls Private Halls Provider 2014’ we were over the moon! You loved our friendly staff, the speed we get things fixed, and how safe you feel in our buildings, and we loved that too. But you suggested we could be even better at Recycling and Environmental Facilities, so we made this page full of all things GREEN to let you know just what we’re up to. Let’s talk details.

Across all of our wonderful residences we use low energy lighting and automatic lighting controls to allow us to maximise our energy efficiency and minimise our light pollution. Not only that but all of our lightbulbs are recycled, double dose of green! We’re even installing Solar Panels on some of our residences opening in September 2015, check out these photos of The Courtrooms in Bristol!


Talking of recycling we have reviewed all of our Recycling strategies (oh yes we’ve got strategies, it’s like something out of Mission Impossible over here), so that they now cover everything from construction waste, hazardous waste and of course adding hundreds of extra recycling bins straight into your very own Kitchens.

We’ve also installed green roofs across our residences for a host of environmental reasons such as; absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and you know, increasing benevolence and decreasing stress of the people living in view of the roof by providing a more aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Green 1

Every single one of our buildings is insulated effectively with high performance insulation making sure we keep you positively toasty in the winter and also to make sure we’re not wasting heat and energy.

Where possible we use appliances with AAA status, this means we aren’t wasting any extra energy in your kitchens and in our offices. We like appliances to be clean and green!

If that lot wasn’t enough we’ve included state of the art bike stores across all of our new sites, look at Canal Point’s for example.. blooming marvellous! Plus we’ve added extra bike storage into all of our existing residences. We also have comprehensive travel plans for all our residences, so we know the best way to get you from university to your new home before we even lay the first brick!


We love wildlife here at The Student Housing Company, we’ve got Bat Boxes here, there, and everywhere, not to mention the bird boxes all over the place! Check out The Castings, Alice House and The Penworks for example.

Green 2 Green 3 Green 4

Also Professor Green once retweeted us. We know that’s not actually anything to do with being environmentally friendly and all that but you know, he’s called Green so, it totally counts!


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