Hollywood Christmas deco for students

Hollywood Christmas decorating for skint students

Lights. Christmas. Action. You’ve already seen the ads, the streetlights or the special markets and you’re aware that Christmas time is here. As students we’re unlikely to prioritise our festive spending on decorations. But that doesn’t mean yours have to suck. You can still create that Hollywood feeling in your student accommodation. Let us tell you how.

Tinseltown home on a student loan

Here are five of the best ways you can bring the Christmas spirit to your place:

1) Fairy lights

light up the room
Around the tree, walls, and whatever!

The highlights of any festive occasion are usefully stuck on the ceiling or around the top of the Christmas tree. You can get them super cheap at pretty much any supermarket, and reuse them again and again and again.

2) Paper cut-outs

Great cut-out ideas
A cheap and cheerful way to decorate

Paper. Arty students love it. It’s versatile. It’s great for decorating. It’s one of the cheapest things ever. And you can find reams and reams of it in arts and crafts palaces all around the UK. There are all kinds of things you can do with paper – watch this neat video for some inspiration!

3) Ribbon and cards

Hang cards to set the spirit
Tis Christmas spirit

The classic way to add festivity to any room. Get a little bit of ribbon and from it hang your Christmas cards – or if you’re in some kind of ribbonless situation, whitetack a collage of your favourite designs to the walls.

4) Candy canes

Who doesn't like candy canes?
Serious. Who doesn’t like candy canes?

Red and white candy canes are amazing. You can put them pretty much anywhere to add a splash of colour and playfulness to the room. If you’re feeling extra cheeky you can even snack on one when you get peckish. And they’re available in shops all over – often for just a few pounds.

5) Glitter bulbs

crafty magic
Crafty magic in your halls of residence

It’s also amazing what a wonderful impression you can create with just a little bit of glitter and a paintbrush. To make these glitter bulbs, just apply a light layer of glue around the bulb and then dip it into a dish of glitter. Then just let it dry and hang it where you please.

You can buy all the needed bits for a pittance in any crafts shop, or if you have it lying around already then hoorah!

Festive student accommodation

Those were pretty good tips we think you’ll agree. Especially the fairy lights – you just cannot go wrong with those. If you stick to these tips and more, you’ll take that feeling of Christmas in the movies and put it in your student accommodation — even better if you’re living with us.

If you’re not then, honestly, you’re missing out on a great place to decorate this Christmas. To fix that you can arrange a viewing, or if you have any questions get in touch with us at any time.

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