My student job with The Student Housing Company

John LawHi, I’m John Law and I have just finished my second year of Medical Sciences at The University of Edinburgh. I have always had a passion for medicine, and although I’m not sure if this is exactly the path I want to take, I know it’s a good start in any direction.

I grew up in a small town in South West Scotland called Stranraer. My family is originally from Edinburgh so it felt very natural to come here. My first visit to Edinburgh wasn’t until two weeks before I moved into Brae House, so it was all very exciting when I arrived.

Edinburgh has been amazing! Definitely the best city in Scotland in my opinion. I really like the history and the architecture; the city has real character and I love living here.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve stayed at all three of The Student Housing Company’s residences in Edinburgh. I would say they are all uniquely different and have their own personalities. I especially enjoyed my time at Brae House as it was my first experience of The Student Housing Company and student accommodation in general.

Currently, I am assisting with running Arran House and Canal Point operations leading up to and during the summer period. This has included taking a lead role in training and induction for our temporary and permanent staff ahead of our summer programme. I have made huge strides in my time with The Student Housing Company. I have been exposed to areas of the company that are really interesting and exciting. I particular enjoy running events and taking part in external marketing.

In the time that I’m not studying or working (which is very rare!) I skydive. I do this with Edinburgh University Skydiving Club. We try and jump as often as possible at our home drop-zone near Morecambe Bay.

I have enjoyed all of the events we have run around the National Student Housing Survey, especially our Easter egg give-away across all three Edinburgh Residences. Another one of my favourites was the check-in party at Brae House, we had just welcomed over 400 new residents and we held a get together in the common room for people to get to know each other.

John LawThe most rewarding part of my job is making our residents happy. When I first moved in to Brae House, I received a great welcome from the whole team and was made to feel at home. I want that to be the same for every resident who walks through our doors! I also enjoy working as part of an amazing team. There are so many great people in our company who are very passionate about their job. This means I’m never short of motivation!

I think in the future we have plans to get all the staff involved more frequently in our events. We have great people working at all our buildings, and giving the residents a chance get to know the whole team is crucial to creating a stronger sense of community within the accommodation.

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