London River Rat Race 2014

We decided that this year we fancied a bit of a charitable challenge. Not just any challenge would suffice for the brave few who stepped up to the (rather soggy) plate, it had to be the 10km London River Rat Race.

The challenge saw our well-groomed UK Acquisitions Director, Simon Pollitt plunge into freezing cold and mud-ridden pools, water-shy HR Director, Kate Banson and Development Manager, Lydia Mensforth ‘walk the plank’, jumping 10m off a boat into the River Thames.

Fun-loving Office Manager, Amber Defreitas and European Aquisitions team-member, Catherine Purkiss skidded down a 50m waterslide (they’ve done this before you see – nothing scares them!)

Ever-smiling HR Assistant, Lloyd Marfo certainly frowned at getting his toes wet, but he was more than capable as he has more muscles than all of us.

Marketing Executive, Rebecca Midgely, European Acquisitions Intern, Monty Todd and ex-European Analyst, Adam Wright were also roped along at the last minute to join the frolics. However, all this voluntary torture was not just for giggles, as we managed to finish the race (as a team!) in 1 hour and 46 minutes!

Our reward was hitting our target and raising over £2,000 for a fantastic cause very close to our organisation, Shelter.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

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