Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme? Relationships.


Perfect! We hear you cry, for most of you making friends at Uni is a breeze and you’re probably meeting more new people every week than you can remember the names of (not to mention becoming master of Tinder!), but what if it’s not that easy? What if you’re feeling a bit down or a bit on your own? We’ve been finding out why the Mental Health Foundation and Student Minds are focussing this year’s Mental Health Week on good quality relationships and why they are so important to our mental health.

“We believe we urgently need a greater focus on the quality of our relationships. We need to understand just how fundamental relationships are to our health and wellbeing. We cannot flourish as individuals and communities without them. In fact, they are as vital as better-established lifestyle factors, such as eating well, exercising more and stopping smoking.” – Mental Health Foundation

They’ve set us a challenge and we’ve gladly accepted! They’re asking everyone to set some time aside to think about prioritising their relationships, to make a relationship resolution! We’ve done just that for our lovely students. Across our residences we are celebrating MHAW2016 in lots of different ways, spearheaded by our team at The Courtrooms! This is the team, don’t they look lovely! Carolina (far right) has been working hard to kick things off from The Courtrooms in Bristol!


This week at The Courtrooms in Bristol we’ve got a ‘Today I am grateful for…’ board which our students have already been filling up, we’ve got ‘treats and chats’ at reception with loads of info on how to manage stress and the student/work life balance, plus all the uni events are up on the chalkboard in the common room! Bristol University SU have got loads going on too like ‘Mind your Head’ support groups and ‘Peace of Mind Society’ events.


So what’s going on everywhere else?

Depot Point in London have a surprise planned for later in the week so keep your eyes peeled for that, and are organising a yoga session so they’ll keep you updated with dates and times. The Royal’s are out in force in London today launching a new Mental Health Awareness campaign at the Olympic Park Today, wanna see Wills and Kate boxing? Of course you do!

Meanwhile in Liverpool Ablett House have got a compliments jar and ‘Today I am grateful for…’ book, plus at the Liverpool Guild of Students will have trainee clinical psychologists available on a stall at the guild from Tuesday to Thursday this week. The stall will promote MHAW and Time to Change.

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Our Edinburgh Residences have also lovingly prepared their own compliments jar and are always around for chat if you need anything. Also the University of Edinburgh Health and Wellbeing Society is currently looking for volunteers so if you’re interested in Mental Health find out more about getting involved.

We’ll have updates on what’s going on at our residences throughout the week, so keep an eye on our social media channels to find out what’s going on near you.

You can also find out about Nationwide events for MHAW16 here, get involved in the conversation with the Mental Health Foundation on Twitter and follow #MentalHealthGP on Tuesday 17th May for expert advice in accordance with #MHAW16.

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