#MyStudentSurvivalKit Photo Competition: Win a £50 Amazon Voucher!


We love a good competition here at The Student Housing Company. Prizes, entries, hilarity, what’s not to like!

The Prize…

The winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher, the one condition being that you spend it on education-related equi— just kidding! You can spend it on whatever you like, obviously.

What You Gotta Do

It’s pretty simple. Just take a snap of an item (or bunch of items) that you can’t do without as a student – your ‘survival kit’, see?!

It could be a pic of your laptop, your stationery, notebooks, iPod, water bottle, or all of them at once in one carefully framed shot. You guys will know exactly what to do if you’re seasoned Instagrammers!

You can enter through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – it’s totally up to you.

Now here’s the important bit. When you upload your pic, use the hashtag #MyStudentSurvivalKit and tag us. Just a reminder: we’re @thestudenthousingcompany on Instagram and @comelivewithus on Twitter, and just The Student Housing Company on Facebook – not to confuse you or anything!

Any Questions?

It all sounds pretty straightforward, right? If you do have any questions though, give us a shout! The best way to reach us is by emailing info@thestudenthousingcompany.com

Happy snapping!

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