• Birmingham

    Famous for its exuberant nightlife, vast shopping centres, cultural hotspots and historic landmarks. Birmingham is England's second-largest city, which suggests it's got everything that a student needs to have a good time!

    1 Residence


  • Bournemouth

    With 7 miles of beach, a pier and buzzing nightlife - what's not to love about this picturesque seaside town? Bournemouth also has a warmer-than-average UK climate - so you can really get your tan on during the summer months!

    2 Residences


  • Bristol

    The city is brimming with vibrant cultural hotspots, a buzzing social scene and an overall chilled atmosphere. Renowned for its music and art scenes, and its many festivals, you can expect to have a jam-packed diary all year around.

    2 Residences


  • Cambridge

    This small historic town has plenty to offer including punting down the beautiful River Cam and visiting the many museums of Cambridge. But if the party scene is more your thing, there are also plenty of bars and clubs to cater towards your tastes.

    1 Residence


  • Cardiff

    It's easy to see why Cardiff is the capital of Wales with it's beautiful historic castle and revitalized waterfront. There's always something for students to enjoy, including visiting the quirky comic shops, art centre and weekly farmers markets.

    1 Residence


  • Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is home to the much-loved and enjoyed Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It also has many student hotspots including Princes Street where you can find all the trendy student shops and classy bars.

    3 Residences


  • Exeter

    Exeter is a city of history, architecture, and culture, with an abundance of shopping opportunities and foodie hotspots thrown in for good measure. What's not to love about this student city?

    1 Residence


  • Lancaster

    Lancaster knows how to spoil you with numerous shops, restaurants, bars and clubs in its vibrant city centre. This Roman city also has many historical hotspots and possesses one of the longest canals in the UK, stretching 43 miles all the way to Preston.

    1 Residence


  • Lincoln

    Lincoln offers an experience rich in history with independent boutique shopping and high-street convenience. The city is packed with restaurants & student bars and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It's obvious why university students love Lincoln.

    1 Residence


  • Liverpool

    Liverpool has an abundance of experiences to offer students, such as shopping, unique restaurants & entertainment - including live music & sport. Liverpool also has a nightlife scene with many bars and clubs all over the city - you really are spoilt!

    1 Residence


  • London

    It's easy to understand why students love London. The city is made accessible by the Underground system (“the tube”) and generally fantastic transport links and has everything a student could possibly want from the UK's best shopping, restaurants & bars.

    3 Residences


  • Newcastle

    Newcastle upon Tyne has lots to offer as a city, including its historic castle and bridges, restaurants, bars, clubs and extensive shopping - including more than 600 shops. It's simple to understand why students love this city!

    1 Residence


  • Nottingham

    Nottingham is best known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and sandstone caves under the streets of the city. It also has a beautiful castle to explore along with many shops, restaurants, bars & clubs. In other words, it's ideal for student living.

    1 Residence


  • Plymouth

    What's not to love about Plymouth? The beautiful port city in Devon boasts an idyllic harbour, plenty of shopping areas, restaurants, bars, arts and entertainment.

    1 Residence


  • Portsmouth

    If you love being by the sea, Portsmouth is a great choice for your student adventure! From eating out and drinking to shopping and exploring the historical dockyard and green spaces, there's always something to keep students entertained in Portsmouth.

    1 Residence


  • Southampton

    Southampton is a bustling student city offering museums, music venues, art galleries, award winning parks and incredible shopping facilities. There are also plenty of student bars, clubs and a selection of eateries for you and your flatmates to try!

    2 Residences


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Refresh for the 2019/20 Academic Year Like a Pro

Well done on getting through the 2018/19 academic year! Whatever you’re studying, we’re sure you’ve worked hard and persevered with some tough assignments and exams.


To make sure you do just as well (if not even better!) next year, it’s important that you go back in September feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated.


Now don’t worry. This isn’t all going to be about wellness and mindfulness and making healthy lifestyle tweaks, although that is part of it.


So let’s get started.


Spend Quality Time with Family and Home-Friends


You may have spent a lot of the last year missing home, and certainly the people there, so make sure you catch up with everyone while you’re home for the summer.


Now that you’re a full-on adult, you will unfortunately find that you have less and less free time on your hands. These summer holidays while you’re at uni may well be the last long summer breaks you ever get to enjoy at home, so make the most of them! Especially if you’re not planning on moving back after you graduate.


Hit the Road


As great for the soul as homecoming is, you do risk boredom if you spend the entire holiday there, which might then leave you feeling more glum than fresh.


A day-trip and weekend break here and there will keep you occupied and give you something to show for your summer off - even if you just stay in the UK.


Of course, if you fancy going a little more exotic, by all means head off abroad. Whether you want a few days in Venice or a few weeks in Vietnam, use this opportunity to see the world. (Here’s our blog about getting out and about during summer.)


Read for Pleasure


Chances are you’ve done quite a bit of reading at uni for the last 10 or 11 months…


But reading for academic purposes (even if you are enjoying it) and reading for pleasure are two very different exercises. With the former, you’re soaking up knowledge and constantly analysing, whether it’s English Lit or Biochemistry that you’re studying. Reading for enjoyment is about escapism and entertainment - one of life’s oldest and greatest pleasures.


So why not get stuck into that new bestseller you keep hearing about and seeing on your Instagram feed? Or do some googling about classics that seem to be up your street. Or you might already have a big reading pile - if so, get stuck into that.


And the beauty of this activity is that you can do it more or less anywhere. In your room, out in the garden, at the park on a picnic blanket, on the bus into town, in a coffee shop.... You get the idea.


Do Some Binge-Watching


If you’re not much of a reader, or if there’s a limit to how much reading you can be bothered with, get on Netflix or NowTV or whatever platforms you use, and go nuts. It’s still escapism, and a boxset binge here and there is a great form of relaxation. With all the work and play you have to juggle during the academic year, you don’t really get the time to immerse yourself like this, so take advantage!


Just make sure you open the blinds now and then for a bit of daylight, and maybe go for a 20-minute stroll or so each day. We’re pretty sure your eyes won’t turn into squares, but you can never be sure.


Catch Some Exercise


Sitting on one’s backside is a glorious pastime, but like everything, it’s best enjoyed in moderation.


A great way to balance out the lazy days is to stay active in between - whether it’s going on long runs, enjoying leisurely bike rides, doing some lengths at the swimming baths, playing footy, throwing around a frisbee or just walking to the shop.


In any case, the physical activity will keep your endorphins high and put a spring in your step.


Catch Some Zzzzzs


All this summertime running around (whether actually running, or just being out and about enjoying your freedom) is going to tire you out, so you need to make sure you recharge your batteries.


Plus, the year at university has probably also taken a toll on you, whether you realise it or not, and even if you aren’t a party animal.


If you can get early nights, that’s great, but if not, have lie-ins! What counts is that you’re getting the right amount of sleep for you - because everyone is different. Maybe you’re an early riser and you feel at your best when you get up before 7. Do whatever works for you. 


Eat Healthily (but Not Too Strictly!)


We’re not talking about weight-loss or anything like that here. It’s not our place.


What we’re talking about is making healthy food choices to help you feel better, because it is a universal fact that the food you eat has an effect on your mental health and your general sense of wellbeing.


We know that you haven’t spent the last year eating Domino’s and Pot Noodles, because that’s just a bad stereotype, but it might well be the case that you’ve gone for the more convenient, less nutritious options when it comes to food.


This summer break is the time to restore the equilibrium and give yourself some TLC. Eat plenty of greens, fruits and other vitamin-rich foods - with high-quality protein from meats and/or fish (or, if you’re vegan, from other sources such as mushrooms, nuts and so on).


That said, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of your favourite foods. Everything in moderation is fine. Even deep-fried Mars bars, if they’re your thing...


Get Slowly Back into the ‘Uni’ Headspace


After a summer of taking it easy and “doing you”, making the transition back to academia might be a bit of a shock to the system - especially if you push uni to the back of your mind until the night before you go back.


To help ease yourself back into the uni headspace and get prepped, try to start thinking about the upcoming academic year a few weeks in advance, rather than treating it as a chore to be dreaded. Check your reading list, get any necessary arrangements made and go back in a calm frame of mind.


The Student Housing Company: Keeping You Constantly Refreshed


Where you live while you’re studying your degree can have a huge impact on how much you enjoy your uni experience, and on how well you perform academically.


Need somewhere to stay in 2019/20?


We offer high-quality student accommodation in 16 cities and towns across the UK, giving you a private bedroom and all the communal spaces and facilities you might need - from laundry and bike storage to cinema rooms and shared study areas.