Surviving a summer internship in London

At the start of the year, or when you spend any amount of time looking for an internship in London, mostly we feel excited. But when you’ve finally landed a placement over the summer, sometimes you’ll face so many challenges you’ll just long to reach the end.

We’re familiar with the world of the intern. We know it’s not ideal. We know it’s sometimes challenging and that you might feel it’s too much. There’s no need to like, stress out though. This is a challenge that you can master and with some special skills you’ll be able to survive.

Your Survival Skill Kit

In this blog post we’re going to cover the survival skills you’ll likely need to get through your internship in London. It’s going to be a bit like the shows from survival experts Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, except more urban. You’re going to love it.

Build Base Camp

It’s no secret that cash is hard to come by if you’re working an unpaid internship, so you’ll want to find ways to house yourself with the resources you’ve got available. So forage for and find a cheap home.

If you’re not in student accommodation in London over the summer, and want to save money, you can talk to friends or family to see if you can stay over with them. It’s polite to offer to clean the house and do what chores you can when someone helps you out this way. No one likes a rude Ronald.

Scavenge for resources

Maybe the toughest thing about an internship is the infrequency of funds. So you’ll need to find some ways to get a few extra quid while you are on such a very teeny tiny little budget.

One thing you can do is negotiate everything possible with the company you intern with. They promised travel expenses? Claim them! They give money for Friday lunch? Ask if you can claim the money to use for packed lunches for the week. They let you work flexible hours? Travel off peak and you’re on the path to more comfort and money.

Map out the territory

As any survival expert will tell you “it’s important to know the lay of the land”. So when you’re starting an internship, make sure that it’s in a convenient place for you. Both literally in terms of where it is in London, and figuratively in that the industry should be right for you too.

So: find an appropriate internship and make sure it’s one you can access easily. If you’re not a hundred percent sure it’s right, it might be a good idea to reconsider as all internships are improved if you are happy with the environment, and when you’re in a place where you’re surviving.

Put on your gear

Right then scout. With this advice you should be able to cover your internship with no problems. Remember – have fun. And if you want to tell us how your internship went, or if you would like to talk to us about student accommodation, drop us a line at any time.

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