The Different Types of Student Accommodation – and How to Choose

Student working

Trying to decide what type of accommodation to live in next year? Whether you’re a first-year looking for a clue or you’re a seasoned student looking for a change of scene, there are several options open to you. We’ve outlined the gist of each type of accommodation below, along with the key considerations and the main pros and cons.

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How to Cope with Homesickness at University


In our Mental Health and Wellbeing at University survey, we found that 73% of students suffer from homesickness at uni. Going to university is a life-changing event that can be pretty scary and see you waving goodbye to your comfort zone.

Homesickness is something that affects most students, even those who’ve never really been homebirds before. From building a support network of friends to keeping your mum on speed-dial, we’ve looked at the best ways to tackle homesickness, and found it’s all about balance:

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