6 Part-Time Jobs That You’ll Actually Enjoy


There’s no denying that the student lifestyle is great, but it isn’t necessarily easy on the wallet. Between all the socialising and the weekly shops, you’re probably going to end up spending quite a bit, and your student loan will only take you so far.

For this reason, most students go out and find a part-time job to get a little extra cash to fund their time at uni. This might seem like a daunting prospect, but there are plenty of jobs out there that you’ll actually enjoy doing, so we’ve decided to outline a few of our favourites.

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A Survival Guide to Your First Job After Uni


You’ve done it! All those sleepless nights and moments of despair have been worth it as you’ve graduated at long last. The world is your oyster, you feel unstoppable, bring it on world!

Graduation is something that you’ve been aspiring to but now you have to face the challenge of starting your first job. Don’t panic though, University has trained you for this, though you may not know it…

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