The 5 incredibly cash-clever ways to enjoy summer 2015

What will you be doing this summer?

Student loans are now over but summer fun is just beginning

It’s the usual story. After countless hours in the library, and maybe the odd one or two in the bar, the academic year is over. And with it goes your student loan. Like a broken calculator, it’s no longer something you can count on.

So, until your loan makes a comeback next year, you’ll need some things to do that are heavy on the fun but light on the wallet. And here they are:

  • Frolic in theme parks

You can get your thrills in the sky on a rollercoaster, or down on the ground with activities. All you need to do is find a park you and your pals enjoy.

Like Legoland. Where thousands of small plastic bricks recreate London landmarks such as the Millennium Bridge. And there are many Lego-themed rides and adventure films within the 150-acre park.

£48 makes it paradoxically the priciest of our cheap things to do. But like many theme parks, there are discounts: Students can get up to 40% off the price with an NUS card.

  • Scout out the country

This year you’ve met lots of new people, and that gives you plenty of new places to explore. Talk to your mates, find out what’s interesting near them, and suggest going out to see it.

Think about Stonehenge, the most famous prehistoric bunch of stones in the world. This Wiltshire hotspot has a new visitor centre, audio-visual displays, hands-on exhibits and a café.

It’s a great, cheap day out, especially if you have a place nearby to crash. It’s only £13 to get on the site, but remember to take valid student ID.

  • Find true love

Shakespeare once wrote: “The course of true love never did run smooth”, which today reads more like an App Store review for Tinder than poetry.

Nonetheless, if you’re one of the lonely hearts, a great way for some cheap summer fun is a brief summer romance. To find it, take advice from Kate Samuelson, an MA student who recently wrote for the Huffington Post. She says there are many decent apps for dating, like Tastebuds – which matches you with people who have the same taste in music. 

And of course, a date only costs as much as you want to spend.

  • Start a band

You might be the next big thing. Imagine yourself onstage, playing to a crowd of devoted fans. Well it has to start somewhere, and this summer could be the time.

You might think it takes too long to learn an instrument. But check out the story of Nirvana’s guitarist Kurt Cobain. It’s said he had lessons for only a month.

If you don’t already own one, you can usually pick up a ‘first’ instrument on the cheap. Try eBay. Then after that small initial cost, every day you spend practising is free.

  • Have a picnic

The easiest, cheapest, and simplest way to have fun, and for next to nothing.

Just take a look at London’s parks. Many of these have five-star reviews on TripAdvisor, which proves that when the weather’s nice you can’t beat a nice time in a nice park. The people have spoken.

It’s not just about London though. Most local parks tend to be free to visit, and you get to choose the budget for the picnic. (TIP: Parental cupboards can be a valuable resource.)

The next adventure

After crawling the country, dashing around parks and starting your own band, you’ll have had lots of affordable adventures this summer – and you’ll have plenty more stories to tell.

To keep the stories coming, and continue the fun loving, check out the content on our blog.

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