The Student Housing Company Supports ‘CoppaFeel!’ Campaign

The Student Housing Company has joined forces with CoppaFeel! and the MCAC to encourage students to coppafeel in the shower.

This month the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! along with the male cancer awareness charity the MCAC are taking their message to “coppafeel in the shower” into student shower cubicles nationwide. Their aim? To get self-checking to become part of every student’s daily routine.

Thanks to housing providers including The Student Housing Company just under 69,000 student showers will be equipped with a shower hangers highlighting the signs and symptoms of breast and testicular cancer.



“If we influence just one young person, it will be worthwhile” said Brian Welsh, Operations Director of The Student Housing Company.

CoppaFeel’s Founder and C.E.O, Kristin Hallenga, who herself was misdiagnosed twice for breast cancer at the age of 23 explains:

‘When’s the best time to check your boobs?’ Well, in short, any time is good for Boob Time. To keep it simple, we’re reminding students to do it in the shower. No more excuses, you’re already starkers and your boobs need some attention!’

Patrick Cox the Founder of the MCAC goes on to say:

‘It’s not just the girls who should be checking their boobs, guys can get breast cancer too. 300 men a year are diagnosed in the UK each year, so blokes should be getting to know both their balls and boobs”.

CoppaFeel! have also enlisted 36 University volunteers who are the ground soldiers in proliferating the message to coppafeel into student unions all over the country. Known as Uni Boob Team Leaders, their job is to recruit a collective of other students known as the Boob Team to hijack events and spread boob love and awareness campus wide. So if the shower hanger doesn’t remind students CoppaFeel! Boob Teams certainly will! To find your nearest team visit

Kristin Hallenga, Founder of CoppaFeel!, said “By educating the young people of today, we can shape the future of breast and testicular cancer survival in times to come. Knowledge is power, this power will in turn save lives. I only wish that someone shared this knowledge with me.”

For more information about the university campaign, email or visit their websites at:-

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