• Birmingham

    Famous for its exuberant nightlife, vast shopping centres, cultural hotspots and historic landmarks. Birmingham is England's second-largest city, which suggests it's got everything that a student needs to have a good time!

    1 Residence


  • Bournemouth

    With 7 miles of beach, a pier and buzzing nightlife - what's not to love about this picturesque seaside town? Bournemouth also has a warmer-than-average UK climate - so you can really get your tan on during the summer months!

    2 Residences


  • Bristol

    The city is brimming with vibrant cultural hotspots, a buzzing social scene and an overall chilled atmosphere. Renowned for its music and art scenes, and its many festivals, you can expect to have a jam-packed diary all year around.

    2 Residences


  • Cambridge

    This small historic town has plenty to offer including punting down the beautiful River Cam and visiting the many museums of Cambridge. But if the party scene is more your thing, there are also plenty of bars and clubs to cater towards your tastes.

    1 Residence


  • Cardiff

    It's easy to see why Cardiff is the capital of Wales with it's beautiful historic castle and revitalized waterfront. There's always something for students to enjoy, including visiting the quirky comic shops, art centre and weekly farmers markets.

    1 Residence


  • Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is home to the much-loved and enjoyed Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It also has many student hotspots including Princes Street where you can find all the trendy student shops and classy bars.

    3 Residences


  • Exeter

    Exeter is a city of history, architecture, and culture, with an abundance of shopping opportunities and foodie hotspots thrown in for good measure. What's not to love about this student city?

    1 Residence


  • Lancaster

    Lancaster knows how to spoil you with numerous shops, restaurants, bars and clubs in its vibrant city centre. This Roman city also has many historical hotspots and possesses one of the longest canals in the UK, stretching 43 miles all the way to Preston.

    1 Residence


  • Lincoln

    Lincoln offers an experience rich in history with independent boutique shopping and high-street convenience. The city is packed with restaurants & student bars and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It's obvious why university students love Lincoln.

    1 Residence


  • Liverpool

    Liverpool has an abundance of experiences to offer students, such as shopping, unique restaurants & entertainment - including live music & sport. Liverpool also has a nightlife scene with many bars and clubs all over the city - you really are spoilt!

    1 Residence


  • London

    It's easy to understand why students love London. The city is made accessible by the Underground system (“the tube”) and generally fantastic transport links and has everything a student could possibly want from the UK's best shopping, restaurants & bars.

    3 Residences


  • Newcastle

    Newcastle upon Tyne has lots to offer as a city, including its historic castle and bridges, restaurants, bars, clubs and extensive shopping - including more than 600 shops. It's simple to understand why students love this city!

    1 Residence


  • Nottingham

    Nottingham is best known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and sandstone caves under the streets of the city. It also has a beautiful castle to explore along with many shops, restaurants, bars & clubs. In other words, it's ideal for student living.

    1 Residence


  • Plymouth

    What's not to love about Plymouth? The beautiful port city in Devon boasts an idyllic harbour, plenty of shopping areas, restaurants, bars, arts and entertainment.

    1 Residence


  • Portsmouth

    If you love being by the sea, Portsmouth is a great choice for your student adventure! From eating out and drinking to shopping and exploring the historical dockyard and green spaces, there's always something to keep students entertained in Portsmouth.

    1 Residence


  • Southampton

    Southampton is a bustling student city offering museums, music venues, art galleries, award winning parks and incredible shopping facilities. There are also plenty of student bars, clubs and a selection of eateries for you and your flatmates to try!

    2 Residences


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Time to Check Out

Whilst the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors remain our top priority, we understand that as your tenancy draws to an end, you will now soon wish to collect your possessions (where permitted), but it is essential that this is done in an orderly manner to ensure the safety of everyone, including the many who continue to live with us. We wanted to detail some guidance on how to make this process as safe and effective as possible. 

Step 1 – Book Your Check Out Inspection 

In order to adhere to current UK government guidelines, and to ensure social distancing is maintained in our buildings, it is vital that a check out slot is booked prior to your departure. If you are currently not living with us, please do not travel to your residence to collect your belongings without contacting the residence team first. This will help avoid overcrowding in reception, lifts, and corridors and help us manage your check out safely and effectively.   

Once you have your check out slot booked, you will be given the opportunity to have a virtual inspection carried out on the day of your departure followed by a full check out inspection 72 hours later. If you decide not to have a virtual inspection, we will still conduct our full check out review 72 hours after your departure date. Please note that if you are contracted to a 51-week tenancy, a virtual inspection will be mandatory in order for your residence team to prepare the room for the 2020/21 academic year. 

Step 2- Pack Your Belongings 

If you are currently living with us, please pack up your belongings in the normal way, ensuring you don’t leave any items behind when your check out.

If you aren’t currently living with us and aren’t able to return before the end of your tenancy, we are able to help by offering packing assistance which will enable you to arrange a courier for collection and shipping. Please contact reception for further details and prices on this service.

If you aren’t currently living with us but have arranged to return to your residence to pack and check out, please contact your residence team and you will be advised accordingly on the safest way to do this.

Step 3 – Clean Your Room 

We all know that cleaning is a chore but in order to minimise any risk of infection, it is vital to ensure that your flat is fully cleaned and sanitised prior to your departure. Here's a handy checklist to help!

If you are unable to return to residence to conduct your check out, please be advised that the cleanliness of your room will be taken into consideration upon inspection and determined if any charges are applicable.  

Step 4 – Recycle and Donate 

As a company, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we ask you to recycle wherever possible. Our recycling bins can be found in our on-site bin stores.  

Please also remember to donate to our chosen charities if you can. Everything you contribute will go to a fantastic cause and will be greatly appreciated. Speak to a member of the residence team for further information on how to donate any unwanted belongings. 

Step 5 – Returning Your Keys 

If you are currently living with us or planning to return to conduct your check out, you will be required to return your keys upon departure. In keeping with social distancing guidelines, we will ask you to return your keys to reception in a dated envelope with your name and flat number clearly marked. You will be issued with a Vacate Form which will need completing and placing in the envelope also. Envelopes will be available for you at reception. 

If you are unable to return to residence, then we ask that you return your keys via post using a recorded delivery service by no later than your tenancy end date. 

Step 6 – Summer  

If you would like to extend your tenancy and stay with us over summer, or if you’re unable to return home due to the impact Covid-19 is having on travel, please speak to your local residence team who will be able to advise you on options and availability.  

Step 7 – 2020/21 

If you haven’t already and you want to rebook with us for 2020/21, you can do this online by simply logging into your portal and completing the booking process for next year.  Alternatively, speak to your residence team directly who can advise accordingly on options and availability.  

Step 8 – Getting Around the Building  

It is essential to follow all social distancing guidance and protocol whilst you’re in residence and ensure that you move about the building in a careful and considered manner- this includes the use of toilets, lifts, stairwells and corridors aswell as adhering to any measures your local team have implemented to minimise infection and control the risk of contact. You may see floor markings and guidance notices throughout the building, and we ask that you adhere to these instructions as closely as possible.  

Step 9 – Travel 

Under current guidance, it is still deemed sensible to only travel if necessary, and to avoid public transport if possible.  

We appreciate that packing and checking out of your accommodation can be a stressful and arduous task. However, during these unprecedented times, we ask that if you wish to bring somebody with you to assist, that this is limited to one family member from your household.  

Please do not travel: 

  • Without booking an appointment with your site team first 

  • If you are self-isolating because you have COVID symptoms, or because you have been exposed to someone with COVID symptoms 

  • With anyone who is clinically vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable 

You can find further guidance on travel and transport here 

Step 10 – Sanitsing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

As per the cleaning guide that you have been provided with, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended when packing and cleaning your flat. Additionally, your residence team will provide hand sanitsiser at reception and in any toilet facilities available.  Whilst trollies will be disinfected after every use, you are encouraged to wear disposable latex gloves while handling them during your check out.  

Step 11 – Deposit Return  

To release your deposit (where applicable) at the end of your tenancy, you are able to submit a 'Request for repayment' by logging in to your TDS Custodial account (UK) or My Deposits account (Scotland).

Simply visit https://www.tenancydepositscheme.com/ or https://www.mydeposits.co.uk/ and log in where you can request the repayment of your deposit.

Advise on how much of the deposit each party (tenant and landlord) should receive. You will be provided with this information following your full check out inspection (72 hours after departure). If we agree with the request, we will repay the deposit.

For more information on how to request the return of your deposit please see click here for UK or here for Scotland, or contact your residence team who will be able to advise. 

Please note that deposit requests will not be processed until your tenancy end date has been reached and a check out inspection completed. If you are unsure on any aspect of your deposit return, please speak to your residence team in the first instance who will be able to advise your accordingly. 

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing to live with us this year.  The last few months have brought their share of challenge and uncertainty, and we recognise the impact Covid-19 has had on all our lives. Your patience and understanding during this time have been appreciated and we will continue to offer support and assistance to our students. We wish you the very best of luck with your future studies, and sincerely hope you enjoy a well-deserved summer break. For those of you staying with us next year, we are already looking forward to seeing you again soon.