Which Fresher Are You? Tips for Every Type of Fresher


When you head off to uni, you’re going to meet loads of different types of people. You’ll meet shy people, outgoing people, and somewhere-in-between people. The thing with university is that everyone comes into their own eventually; personalities start to show and you’ll quickly learn that there are loads of different types of student.

You’re no exception! These are the different types of fresher… Which one are you?

Are You Mr/Miss Invisible?


  • You don’t even know what daylight looks like anymore.
  • You set your alarm in the morning, but you repeatedly hit the snooze button – who needs to learn, anyway?
  • You spend your days sleeping and binge-watching the latest Netflix true-crime documentaries.
  • You could be watching those documentaries any time between 5pm and 3am. Please do not disturb.
  • If it wasn’t for the occasional unwashed dish in the sink, your flatmates probably wouldn’t know that you exist.
  • You do leave the flat to go to exams. You don’t have a clue what you’re meant to be writing about and your eyes struggle to adjust to the brightness of the room.

Are You The Party Animal?


  • You live for freshers’ week. You are the king or queen of freshers’ week. You go to every single freshers’ week event. Even the ones that aren’t for your uni.
  • You’ve got a traffic cone, a couple of road signs, and loads of empty takeaway cartons in your room – you don’t remember getting any of them.
  • What is a morning lecture?
  • You and the man who works in the local chicken shop are tight – yes, bossman.
  • Sunlight. Aaaaaaagh. Best put those sunglasses on and hide those tired, tired eyes.
  • No-one wants to help you clean up your kitchen.

Are You The Bookworm?


  • You know where you like to sit in the library. See that corner over there? That’s your regular spot.
  • You’ve never missed a lecture. You even attended that how to use the library lecture.
  • Your hand shot straight up in the air when your tutor asked for student rep – you are the voice of the people. Mum and Dad are proud.
  • So you’re the one who borrowed all the textbooks from the library already?
  • You colour-coordinate everything. Even your colour-coordination is colour-coordinated.
  • You haven’t been in uni long and you’re already in charge of three different societies.

Are You The Gym Nut?


  • Fitness is life.
  • You go to the gym before you go to your morning lectures. You see the party animal coming home as you’re leaving.
  • It’s activewear or nothing – rain or shine.
  • You’ve got one of those water bottles with a built-in compartment for infusing fruit.
  • You’re involved in all of the uni sports teams. All of them.

Are You The Arty One?


  • You’ve got some sort of creative side-project on the go.
  • Your student room is the talk of the town. Keep up the good work.
  • “Student events, schmudent events. Let’s go to this obscure warehouse rave on the city’s outskirts.”
  • You are fully involved with the Art Appreciation Society.
  • You think that The Gym Nut is a bit full of themselves.
  • Flared pants. Yes!

What Type of Fresher Are You?

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