World Sleep Day 2018

World Sleep Day Infographic

If World Sleep Day isn’t something to celebrate, then we don’t know what is. Here at The Student Housing Company, we know that your sleep is super important.

In a recent survey, two out of three students reported that they get under 7-9 hours per night, with a quarter regularly getting fewer than five hours.

Furthermore, two of the greatest contributors to poor sleep in students were reported to be digital distractions and stress, with half admitting that their long-term sleeping patterns were worse around exam times.

Students are under so much pressure to eat well, exercise, attend lectures, get the grades, make lifelong friends and have fun, that sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get the recommended 7-9 hours sleep to function as the optimal human beings we all want to be.

World Sleep Day forces us all to reconsider our sleeping habits and not shy away from those extra Zzzs.

And unless you’ve all been asleep for the last week (lucky you), you will probably know that 16th March was World Sleep Day. All of our sites got their heads down for World Sleep Day and came up with some fantastic ways to each do their own bit…

Brae House

Help the homeess Brae

For National Sleep Awareness Week the team at Brae House wanted to do something a little different. They provided their residents with sleeping tips, sleep masks and sleepy tea to help improve their sleep. They also asked the students to volunteer and improve the sleep of the community.

With volunteers in hand, they set out to the city centre with warm sleeping bags to give to the homeless. They were joined by Destiny Church Edinburgh who regularly go out to help and they knew most of the homeless met that day.

During the walk, the Brae House team learned how we can get more involved in helping our community and how even the smallest gestures make a difference, but the most rewarding part of the day was getting to talk to the people on the streets, to know about their experiences or just have a chat and a laugh. All of them were grateful for the sleeping bags, but they also enjoyed meeting and chatting with the team. Their positive outlook on life touched the team’s hearts: they talked, joked, even sang and shared hot chocolates, which according to one of the guys they met, Kev, “are the best – with cream and few marshmallows on top.”

The team returned to Brae full of joy and hope that life will get better, but also with a bigger desire to help make that happen. They have decided to continue going out and helping the community in whatever way they can! After all, just a smile or a hot drink can brighten someone’s day. The team hope that the sleeping bags they gave will help the homeless sleep better in the streets in of Edinburgh.

Having worked with Destiny Angels on the Christmas Hamper appeal and now with helping the homeless community, Brae House have plans to do further work to bring students, the community and the church together!

Cable Street

World Sleep-Day


In aid of World Sleep Day, Cable Street in Lancaster gave away goodie bags with sleepy teas and eye masks and some advice for getting a good night’s sleep.

Arofan House

World Sleep Day 1

As well as providing their students with a wellbeing pack filled with lavender, tea and tips on how to get the best night’s sleep, Arofan House in Cardiff also set up a sleep station in the common room!

For more tips on how you can stay healthy at university, why not check out our Student Health Guide?

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