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Austen House, Back of the Walls, Southampton, SO14 3LS


Tel: 44(0)23 801 81085


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Austen House, Southampton

Standard Room - 2 Bed Flat


Got a friend you would like to live with or want to keep numbers low, the 2-bed apartment is a great option to share a living space with only one person. You get your own room and share the kitchen area, so whether it's studying until 2:00 in the morning, or time to chill out, a 2 bedroom apartment will be a great choice for you.

Our Stander Room - 2 Ned Flat Ensuites at Austen House are now sold out for September 2021, however we have limited availability at our sister residence Crescent Place in our Shared Houses, less than a ten minute walk away! Check out these rooms here.

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