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A Student’s Guide to Liverpool

Ablett House is in the best possible location for you to make the most of your student life in Liverpool. Just a 10 minute walk from Liverpool One, the centre of town and loads of the pubs and bars, you’ll be right at the heart of the action!


Liverpool John Moores

20 minute walk from Ablett House

LJMU's Mount Pleasant Campus just a 15 minute bus ride away, it's never been easier to roll out of bed and straight into lectures.

University of Liverpool

8 minute bus from Ablett House

The University of Liverpool is just an 8 minute bus ride from Ablett House. If you fancy fresh air & a stroll it's only a 20 minute walk. Hello lie-in!

Liverpool Hope University

40 minute bus from Ablett House

The Hope Park campus is a 40 minute bus ride away, but with a bus route door to door that's an ideal time to get in that pre-lecture nap or revision cramming.


14 minute walk from Ablett House

Feeling a bit of 90's nostalgia? Get your glad rags on and dance the night away to the Spice Girls, S Club, Back Street Boys and maybe even some NSYNC.


9 minute walk from Ablett House

The same in every city, you know the score. Revs has something for everyone - great for a date night early evening or the club room to finish the night!

The Ship and Mitre

4 minute walk from Ablett House

Fancy some good old British pub grub? Well isn't that convenient! Serving great food & local ales, it's only a 4 minute walk from Ablett House!


16 minute walk from Ablett House

This nightclub promises 3 floors of fun with LED walls & a courtyard area. This hotspot hosts weekly dance & house nights.

Camp and Furnace

27 minute walk from Ablett House

The 'place to be' in Liverpool, it's been described as hip. Think indoor festival. DJ's, live music, cocktails & weekend BBQ's - we love it already!

Museum of Liverpool

18 minute walk from Ablett House

Waterfront museum allows you to explore Liverpool's fascinating & diverse history. Not great on a hangover but if you're new to the city, give it a go.

Maritime Museum

21 minute walk from Ablett House

Whether you want to have a nosey at objects from the Titanic or learn about the Port of Liverpool, the Maritime Museum has a range of culture.

The Beatles Story

23 minute walk from Ablett House

Award winning 'The Beatles Story' is the world's largest permanent exhibition devoted to the lives and times of The Beatles. One to put on the to-do-list!

Tesco Express

1 minute walk from Ablett House

Whether it's those late night chocolate runs or some milk for your endless bowls of cereal in the morning. Tesco express is literally next door!

Marybone Health Centre

1 minute walk from Ablett House

This NHS health centre is only a 1 minute walk away from Ablett House - sign up as soon as you can, Freshers Flu is a real thing you know!

Avril Robarts Library

1 minute walk to from Ablett House

This library belongs to Liverpool John Moores University, & is literally opposite Ablett House. You can get that last minute studying in.

Echo Arena

9 minute drive from Ablett House

Echo Arena hosts some big named acts weekly, from comedy to live music. If you keep an eye on their website they often have student concession events.

News from Nowhere

17 minute walk from Ablett House

This quirky bookshop sells every kind of book imaginable (that's a big old claim but we believe in them!) plus some world, folk and roots music.

JD Gyms

7 minute walk from Ablett House

All that partying & studying, you may feel like letting off some steam & hitting the gym in your spare time, JD Gyms is just around the corner!


12 minute walk from Ablett House

From textbooks to stationary, Waterstones is a good place to stock up on those Uni essentials!

Reid of Liverpool

19 minute walk from Ablett House

Buying and selling old books, this eccentric bookshop is great for some hidden gems, classic and maybe even getting rid of a textbook or two!


7 minute walk from Ablett House

This unique Moose Cafe offers the American Diner influence brunch & breakfast experience. We'll have our eggs scrambled!

Bold Street Coffee

18 minute walk from Ablett House

Another hidden gem - Bold St Coffee is a great for hipstering around the place. Choose your coffee just the way you like it.

Lark Lane Farmers Market

12 minute drive from Ablett House

Grab anything from organic vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cake & more but maybe save up those pennies it can get expensive!

Liverpool Lime St

Liverpool Lime Street Station

11 minute walk from Ablett House

Whether your heading home for the holidays or getting in a little break away, Liverpool main station is just an 11 walk minute away.

Liverpool is one of the most distinctive cities in the UK – both physically and culturally. For students, it’s pretty much the ideal place: nice and small, which means you’ll have absolutely no problem getting around, ever; and what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in character (hence why it was named European Capital of Culture in 2008!).

Once you’ve been here a while, you’ll have figured out where your favourite areas are, like everyone does. To get you started though, here’s what we recommend checking out:

Night-Time Fun


Everyone’s into different things – we get that. As John Lennon once sang, “Whatever Gets You thru the Night!”… But we’d say there are some safe bets in Liverpool that any student will enjoy:

Camp and Furnace is one of the city’s biggest and best evening venues. It’s a good half-hour walk from Ablett House, but well worth a visit every so often. There’s always something going on – whether it’s football on the big screens, Liverpool Psych Fest, or some pop-up event like Laces Out (a huge celebration of trainers) – and it’s just a generally good spot for a run-of-the-mill Friday or Saturday night. The food’s great and the drinks menu is nice and varied, so there’s something for everyone.

A bit closer to home, and with Liverpool’s widest selection of beers, The Ship and Mitre (on Dale Street) is a true treasure. It’s less than three minutes from your doorstep, which makes it an ideal place to start your night (or to end an earlyish one!).

For cheap and cheerful nights out, you can’t go wrong with Walkabout (15-minute walk) or Bumper (20-minute walk). They’re distinctly “studenty”, but we like that because it means you know exactly what you’re getting: a guaranteed night of good old-fashioned fun.

Food Places


Let’s start near Ablett House. Both of these first two places are less than 10 minutes away on foot.

Moose Coffee (on Dale Street) is an “American & Canadian Authentic Breakfast” establishment – which is all we need to hear. It’s the pancake capital of Liverpool, and also does pretty good waffles, French toast, huevos rancheros, hash browns, and other such stuff. Have breakfast there and you probably won’t feel remotely hungry again until the evening!

Five Guys (on Queen Square), if you don’t already know about it, is an American burger chain that has only quite recently opened up branches in the UK. It’s “next-level” – trust us. Their standard burger is a double – if you want a more sensibly sized one, you have to ask for “Little” (which it’s still huge!). You’ll pay a bit more here than you would at McDonald’s or Burger King, but it’s so worth it.

Now let’s go further afield (but still only a 15-minute stroll from Ablett House)…

LEAF Cafe is one of Liverpool’s best all-rounders. It’s a coffeehouse, tearoom, eatery, bar and gig venue, all rolled into one. If you’re ever on or around Bold Street and you fancy a break from perusing all the independent shops and what have you, take a seat in Leaf and see what jumps out at you from the menu.

One minute down the road you’ll find Bold Street Coffee. As you’d expect, it’s certainly the place to go for a carefully crafted caffeine injection, but they do great food too – check out their Instagram and you’ll see.

While we’re still in the Bold Street area, it’s worth mentioning BrewDog. You’re quite right – it is a craft beer bar rather than a food place, but they do serve one type of food: burgers. And what goes better than burgers and beers?

Shopping Spots


For all the high-street clothes shops you’d expect to find in any biggish British city, Liverpool ONE is your best bet – Zara, H&M, American Apparel, Office, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, etc. There’s also Boots and Superdrug for all your toiletries.

St. John’s Shopping Centre doesn’t have much in terms of clothes and fashion (at least not for students!), but it does have a very reliable food bit – with McDonald’s, KFC and Subway all right next to each other. Also, there’s a Ryman’s Stationery shop (cheap pens and notepads galore), and an Aldi for dirt-cheap high-quality food – if you do it strategically, you can eat like royalty for less than £20 a week!

Bold Street and its surrounding area is also worth a wander. Here you’ll find a few high-street shops like Footasylum, The Body Shop, Holland & Barrett, and Size? – but there are also a few charity shops (Oxfam, BHF, etc.) where you’ll find some second-hand bargains, and then a load of independent boutiques like Resurrection, Dig Vinyl, Lost Art (skate/streetwear) and Ran (men’s casual clothing). Plus the almost countless hip cafes and coffeehouses. And a Greggs.

Live the Student Life of Luxury in Liverpool


Looking for great student accommodation in the city? Take a look at Ablett House, our safe and comfy residence that puts you right in the middle of all the fun. Arrange a viewing or book your room today if you’ve decided which one you want.

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