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A Student’s Guide to London

Our London locations are in ideal locations to get where you need to go in as little time as possible. As accessible as the capital’s many universities, colleges or language schools may be, you’re also perfectly placed to make the most of your time spent in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world.


School of Oriental and African Studies

20 minute walk from Depot Point

SOAS focuses and specialises in the study of Asia, Africa and Middle East.

University College London

20 minute walk from Depot Point

UCL is one of the most successful research universities in the world, based in one of the world’s most important academic and cultural cities.

University of London

18 minute tube ride from Therese House

UOL has a long-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research, attracting students from all parts of the globe.

University of Westminster

15 minute tube ride from Depot Point

UOW is one of the most diverse and multicultural universities in the UK. It has extensive connections throughout the world.

Kings Cross Station

6 minute walk from Depot Point

If you’re a Harry Potter fan make sure to visit platform 9 ¾.

The Charles Dickens Museum

10 minute walk from Depot Point

Find out more about the English writer. Entry to the museum is £8 it is open Monday to Friday from 10am until 5pm.

Regents Park

30 minute walk from Depot Point

The park houses the Open Air Theatre, London Zoo, Primrose Hill and 100 species of wild bird.


17 minute walk from Depot Point

With Vue being so close to Depot Point it is easy to keep up to date with the latest films!

Granary Square Fountains

15 minute walk from Depot Point

If you need cooling down in the heat of summer, why not head to Granary Square for some fun in the fountains.

The Brunswick Shopping Centre

13 minute walk from Depot Point

If you're a shopaholic you're in luck! This is a well located, grade II listed residential building and shopping centre in Bloomsbury.

Honest Burger

4 minute walk from Depot Point

Eat in or take out. This restaurant offers a simple, quality focused menu with reasonable prices.

Simmons Bar

9 minute walk from Therese House

This is a vibrant cocktail bar decked with retro wallpaper and video games, serving drinks in vintage teacups.


Anytime Fitness

4 minute walk from Depot Point

If you're wanting to keep fit but have a busy schedule, this 24 hour gym is your best chance to let off some steam.

Urban Kings

5 minute walk from Depot Point

Urban Kings is a great place to learn a variety of martial arts and keep fit. Offering training in many forms of martial arts from Boxing to Jiu Jitsu.



15 minute walk from Therese House

Housed across two floors this is one of London's top clubs. Easily a place you can spend the whole night dancing without a care.


20 minute tube ride from Depot Point

Set in a 1920's speak-easy style with cabaret, this is a place that is definitely worth a visit. Rent a booth with friends for an amazing night out!


24 minute tube ride from Therese House

London's biggest South African themed bar and club. Amazing internal decorations including 20ft statues and hand-carved wooden panels on the walls.

Walkabout Temple

20 minute tube ride from Therese House

This Aussie-themed bar is perfect for catching a football match, grabbing a cold drink and relaxing like you're in Australia!

Bar Rumba

15 minute tube ride from Depot Point

An underground club that is sure to be a great night out. You can even book booths for you and your friends.

The Shoreditch

15 minute tube ride from Therese House

Happy hour here is something to behold, 2 cocktails and 4 beers for £10! Playing 70's music then switching up into modern music later in the evening.

The British Museum

17 minutes by bus from Depot Point

Hosting some of the worlds most important artefacts including the Rosetta Stone this is a must visit for history buffs.

National Art Gallery

19 minute tube ride from Depot Point

London's top art gallery housing art from the medieval period to modern classics. See Trafalgar Square while you're there!

The British Library

11 minute walk from Depot Point

Housing the most articles out of any library in the world, there is an unrivalled wealth of knowledge on your doorstep.

The Science Museum

30 minute tube ride from Depot Point

A fun & interactive place to learn a little more about the world we live in. Great day out if you love science.


5 minute walk from Depot Point

This is the closest major supermarket store to Depot Point. Perfect if you've run out of milk or fancy an easy microwave dinner.

Westfield Shopping Center

20 minutes by train from Depot Point

London has 2 Westfield Shopping Centres and Depot Point is halfway between the two! One in White City and the other in Stratford, so you're spoilt.

Angel High Street

13 minute walk from Depot Point

Angel high street offers a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and pubs for all to enjoy.

Killick Street Health Centre

9 minute walk from Depot Point

Killick Street may be your best location to register with a doctor when you move into Depot Point.

University College Hospital

10 minute walk from Depot Point

A teaching hospital located close to Depot Point. We'd recommend only coming here in an emergency situation though!

St Pancras Hospital

20 minute walk from Depot Point

Specialising in geriatric and psychiatric care, this may not be the hospital you're looking for, but who are we to judge!

Housemans Bookshop

5 minute walk from Housemans Bookshop

London's oldest radical book store selling progressive political works and quirky pieces bound to challenge your views on the world.


20 minute walk from Depot Point

A national chain book store stocking everything you'd need.

Costa Coffee

2 minute walk from Depot Point

On your doorstep is one of many Costa Coffee locations in London, ideal for grabbing a caffeine fix on your way to University.

Cafe Nero

5 minute walk from Depot Point

Located in Kings Cross station means that this Cafe Nero is fantastic for people watching. See if you spot Harry Potter catching a train...

Chapel Market

13 minute walk from Depot Point

A daily street market that is your best place to scoop up a bargain. Be sure to come here if you fancy changing up your outfit!


3 minute walk from Depot Point

Whether you're going on the late night chocolate run or milk for your tea in the morning, with only being a 3 minute walk Co-op has you covered!

Big Chill House

3 minute walk from Depot Point

This relaxed bar has everything from event space to a rooftop terrace! Hence the name, this 'chill out' vibe bar will soon be your local - just a stroll away.

Drink, Shop & Do

4 minute walk from Depot Point

Bottomless Brunch? Yes you heard us right! This is an Eclectic all-day cafe by day & quirky bar by night.

London isn’t just the capital of the country for the sake of it. With so much going on you’ll never get bored! The city is brimming with underground talent, fancy bars, cute cafés, and all the shops you could possibly need – and of course, some of the world’s best tourist attractions!

Our Depot Point accommodation is just a hop, skip and jump away from King’s Cross and St Pancras, making it super-easy to get to any of London’s universities or shopping hotspots. It’s also just a twenty-minute walk to SOAS, Hult International, and the London School of Business and Management.

Happy hour every day


We’re not going to lie, night-time fun in London can be pricey if you’re not careful, but there are so many clubs and bars that are friendly on your student pocket – it’s just a case of sussing them out, and that’s where we come in to help!

Step into the eclectic decor of Simmons Bar – there’s one just five minutes from King’s Cross station – and enjoy a round of deals on spirits and cocktails in teapots, or jump on the tube and hit The Shoreditch (which, funnily enough, is in Shoreditch!) for a soundtrack throwback to the 70s and, make the most of two cocktails or four beers for just a tenner!

XOYO in Shoreditch is another favourite student hangout. In a nutshell, it’s nightclub heaven – with live music and DJ sets from some of dance music’s biggest names. Keep your eyes peeled for their student nights and special drinks deals.

And that’s not to mention more unique spots such as Proud, a 1920s-inspired cabaret club in Camden that plays all of your favourite chart toppers as well as the best of the 90s. Then there’s Bar Rumba, a late-night club in the West End, which boasts some mind-blowing drink promotions and a night of dancing.

Tuck in


If you’re nursing a hangover or a growling stomach, we’d recommend heading to Honest Burger (there’s one in King’s Cross, and others dotted about London), or try Mother Flipper at Kerb in King’s Cross, which is much more than just a takeaway wagon.

For a more civilised coffee date, there are a couple of great cafés around the King’s Cross area, as well as your usual Starbucks and Costa if none of the independent places tickle your fancy. Caravan serves up some of the best brunches on this side of London, and freshly roasted coffee for a little pick-me-up, all in among the oh-so-cool Scandi décor.

Green & Fortune Café in Kings Place offers a deli-style menu, with soups and sandwiches – perfect for a quick bite to eat in between studying, or as a snack to take back to your apartment.

Culture hopping


You don’t have to head deep into the heart of London for the best culture spots. English Lit students might want to channel the Victorian school-kid life and check out the lovingly curated Charles Dickens Museum, which is just ten minutes down the road from Depot Point. And any Harry Potter fan should make their dreams of Hogwarts real by visiting Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station.

Finding coursebooks will never be a problem either – the British Library is only ten minutes away, boasting the most resources of any library on the planet! There are lots of quiet space rooms, ideal as revision spots as long as you don’t get too distracted by the stunning architecture!

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and get back to nature at Regent’s Park. If you’ve got some energy to burn there are plenty of running routes through the park. Or pull up a blanket and revise in the sunshine.

Shop, shop, shop


The brilliant thing about London is that even on a student budget you’ll be able to dress to impress. You’ll find every high-street name you could want by browsing Angel High Street and Oxford Circus, or by taking a trip to the Brunswick Shopping Centre or Westfield Shopping Centre.

There are countless vintage stores and charity shops too, if you’re willing to delve for some beauties, as well as the unique goods and cheap groceries at Chapel Market.

And you’ll never need to worry about running out of milk or forgetting to buy bread – Tesco Metro acts as a savior to students, just a five-minute stroll away from our accommodation!

Student living in London


With its eclectic culture, vibrant bars and cafés, and endless shops, London really is the place to be. If you can’t wait to kickstart your uni experience in London and join us at our Depot Point accommodation, get in touch with our team today. Drop us a message or give us a call on 0207 952 6020.
London not quite the city for you after all? Take a look at our other accommodations across the UK, all suitably located for many of the country’s leading universities.