• Birmingham

    Birmingham is England's second-largest city and is famous for its exuberant nightlife, vast shopping centres, cultural hotspots and historic landmarks, all of which make it a location that simply offers everything a student needs to have a good time!

    1 Residence


  • Bournemouth

    With seven miles of beautiful beach, a historic pier and buzzing nightlife, there’s so much to love about this picturesque seaside town. From shopping the local boutiques to killing time in the variety of sea-view bars, clubs & restaurants, it’s all here.

    2 Residences


  • Bristol

    Bristol is brimming with vibrant cultural hotspots, buzzing nightlife and a friendly, community-focused atmosphere. Renowned for its music and art scenes and its many festivals, you can expect to have a jam-packed diary all year round.

    3 Residences


  • Cambridge

    This small, historic town offers a student living experience like few others. Punt down the beautiful River Cam, visit the city’s many museums, or go off in search of brilliant boutiques: it’s all here.

    1 Residence


  • Cardiff

    It's easy to see why Cardiff is the capital of Wales with it's beautiful historic castle and revitalized waterfront. There's always something for students to enjoy, including visiting the quirky comic shops, art centre and weekly farmers markets.

    1 Residence


  • Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, offers a student living experience few cities can match. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with some of the most historic buildings in the whole of the UK (including Edinburgh Castle, home of the famous Hogmanay parties).

    3 Residences


  • Exeter

    Exeter is a city of history, architecture and culture with many shopping opportunities and foodie hotspots. From St Davids up on the hill to the bustling city centre, this place has it all. What's not to love about student life in Exeter?

    1 Residence


  • Lancaster

    Lancaster is among the most picturesque settings in the UK for student housing, and the city certainly knows how to spoil you with numerous shops, restaurants, bars and clubs scattered throughout its vibrant and cultured centre.

    1 Residence


  • Lincoln

    Lincoln offers a student living experience rich in history, with a vibrant social scene, independent boutique shopping and high-street convenience. The city is packed with restaurants and student bars and is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

    1 Residence


  • Liverpool

    Liverpool has an abundance of experiences to offer students, including amazing shopping, unique restaurants, world class entertainment, live music and sport. Liverpool also has a famous nightlife scene with many bars and clubs all over the city.

    1 Residence


  • London

    It's easy to see why students love London. The city, a global hub for study, commerce and culture, is made easily accessible, despite its sprawling size, by the famous Underground network aka The Tube and generally fantastic public transport links.

    3 Residences


  • Newcastle

    Newcastle upon Tyne offers an amazing student living experience. The city is famed for its nightlife and vibrant social scene, cultural highlights including an 800-year-old castle, museums, galleries and theatres, which make it a popular destination.

    1 Residence


  • Nottingham

    Nottingham is best known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and the sandstone caves hidden beneath the streets. It has a beautiful castle to explore, along with many shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. In other words, it's ideal for student living.

    1 Residence


  • Plymouth

    What's not to love about student living in Plymouth? The beautiful port city in Devon boasts an idyllic harbour, plenty of shopping areas, fine restaurants, bars and more, all set against a seaside location few other places can match.

    1 Residence


  • Portsmouth

    Portsmouth is a great choice for student living. The University of Portsmouth is on an island - Portsea, which is also home to the best student accommodation in Portsmouth: our Catherine House residence, just the other side of Victoria Park.

    1 Residence


  • Sheffield

    Famous for its location amongst the incredible countryside, Sheffield has so much to offer both in and out of the centre. From the beautiful moorlands to a culture steeped in an industrial heritage, it’s ideal for student life.

    1 Residence


  • Southampton

    Southampton is a bustling student city packed full of museums, music venues, art galleries, award-winning parks and incredible shopping. There are also many student bars, clubs and a fantastic selection of eateries for you and your flatmates to enjoy.

    2 Residences


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Wellbeing at The Student Housing Company

More than 4 walls and a bed...

Living with us is so much more than somewhere to sleep.

It's somewhere to thrive. Where student wellbeing is at the heart...

A Community that cares

Our student communities are developed on key principles:

We promote health and wellbeing
We welcome and celebrate diversity
We learn from our residents and invite their contribution
We respect and support our residents and the local community
We design residences that promote a community spirit
We always look for ways to be and do better
We have fun (lots and lots of fun)

Promoting Health & Wellbeing

Wellbeing - "The state of feeling healthy and happy"

We're on a mission to provide a student living experience in which every resident belongs to a community that facilitates their ability to thrive.

We have scoured the globe (literally) to understand what areas students often find challenging. Our research has indicated 9 common areas and challenges that students globally have to face. Meaning that wherever you come from and wherever you study, you need a student experience that is supportive and strives to enhance your university career.

The 9 areas of wellbeing...

Student Accommodation Wellbeing


Our Events

We explore each of the wellbeing areas through in-residence activities, tours & excursions, and information, advice & guidance. We also develop partnerships with key University departments and well as local services, charities and businesses to provide further expertise and knowledge for our residents.

Find my room

Our teams

Our residential teams genuinely care about their student communities. Whilst they are not trained counsellors, they are great at listening (and making tea!) and taking the time to get to know their students. Together you'll create a thriving residential community.

Student Wellbeing


Leadership opportunities

Resident Assistants

We believe that having students as part of our residential team is key to creating awesome residential communities. That is why we employ students as Resident Assistants; a paid, part-time role that fits around your studies. You'd be responsible for:

  • Coordinating residential activities designed to promote wellbeing and help residents to better manage everyday challenges
  • Develop partnerships in the local community
  • Advocating a friendly, inclusive and supportive residential community

You'd be provided with a full induction and training programme as well as ongoing development opportunities. Many of our RAs stay with us for the duration of their University career and some even become full-time employees upon graduation.

Other leadership opportunities

If you don’t become a Resident Assistant, there are many other ways that you can contribute to the residential community. Several of our residences have elected student councils, peer-support programmes, out of hours and office support roles, as well as move-in, arrivals and welcome positions open to residents. If you would like to find out how you can apply for a community leadership role in your residence, please contact the residence directly. You are welcome to do this before you move-in!


Experience student wellbeing...

Our Locations


1 residence

Bentley House Bentley House 10 Moland Street, Birmingham, B4 7AU

+44(0)1212013870 Email


2 residences

Bailey Point Bailey Point 2 Oxford Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8GR

+44(0)1202941315 Email

Belaton House Belaton House 130 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8AW

+44(0)1202941310 Email


3 residences

Print Hall Print Hall Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0BU

+44(0)1173751260 Email

Print Hall II Unity Street , Bristol, BS1 0BX

+44(0)1173751260 Email

The Courtrooms The Courtrooms Rupert Street, Bristol, BS1 2AF

+44(0)1173751090 Email


1 residence

Anglia House Anglia House 217 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8AY

+44(0)122 361 2135 Email


1 residence

Arofan House Arofan House Vere Street, Cardiff, CF24 3DS

+44(0)2921040584 Email


3 residences

Arran House Arran House 5 Drysdale Road, Edinburgh, EH11 1FA

+44(0)1312012260 Email

Brae House Brae House 31 Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, EH8 8EH

+44(0)1312012080 Email

Canal Point Canal Point 22 West Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9QW

+44(0)1312012440 Email


1 residence

Clifford House Clifford House Stadium Way, Exeter, EX4 6AQ

+44(0)1392231090 Email


1 residence

Cable Street Cable Street 1-3 Cable Street, Lancaster, LA1 1BP

+44(0)1524 846665 Email


1 residence

Park Court Park Court 50 Park Street, Lincoln, LN1 1UR

+44(0)1522 877 777 Email


1 residence

Ablett House Ablett House 2 Great Crosshall Street, Liverpool, L3 2AF

+44(0)1512143370 Email


3 residences

Depot Point Depot Point 15-27 Britannia Street, London, WC1X 9AH

+44(0)2079526020 Email

The Curve 14 Fieldgate Street Aldgate East, London, E1 1ES

0208 706 0210 Email

Therese House Therese House 29-30 Glasshouse Yard, London, EC1A 4JN

+44(0)2072537603 Email


1 residence

Knoll Court Knoll Court Tower Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2HW

+44(0)1912615841 Email


1 residence

Goldsmith Court Goldsmith Court Chaucer Street, Nottingham, NG1 5LG

+44(0)1159474078 Email


1 residence

Beckley Point Beckley Point 39 Cobourg Street, Plymouth, PL1 1SP

+44(0)1752531090 Email


1 residence

Catherine House Catherine House Stanhope Road, Portsmouth, PO1 1DZ

+44(0)2392191130 Email


1 residence

Bramall Court Bramall Court Alderson Road North, Sheffield, S2 4UF



2 residences

Austen House Austen House Back of the Walls, Southampton, SO14 3LS

+44(0)2380181085 Email

Crescent Place Crescent Place 63 St Mary’s Road, Southampton, SO14 0FG

+44(0)2380181080 Email