General Manager

Depot Point

As the general manager at Depot Point, my job is to make sure all of our lovely London students have the best time living with us and to ensure everything runs smoothly in the building. I have just completed a Msc so I fully empathise with everyone completing their exams and dissertations! Trying to balance student and work life with all the exciting things London has to offer can be hard, but we’re here to help. You’ll have a great time living with us.

Originally from Cambridge, I moved to London 4 years ago to study and I couldn’t love this amazing and vibrant city more! I joined The Student Housing Company back in 2014 when Depot Point was still very much a building site and I’ve watched it grow from that to the best student accommodation in London. The whole team love working with students (we’ve just won the Nation Student Housing Survey’s ‘Best Private Halls Provider’ again) and we’re always organising events and giving out treats to ensure you all have a great time while living with us.

Talk To Us

Depot Point,
Management Suite,
15-27 Britannia St,
London, WC1X 9AH

e: depotpoint@thestudenthousingcompany.com

Phone: 020 7952 6020